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We launched a new website for Pond2O today and it can be viewed at https://www.pond2o.com/.

The CISCO Companies came to TBH Creative looking for a micro-website to highlight their product line called Pond2O. We previously created a microsite for Revive My Lawn.

We used the arrangement and main design elements of the main CISCO website; we changed the color scheme and fonts to match the collateral created for labels and brochures of Pond2O. We also set up and implemented a custom blog for the new site.

Pond2O’s homepage. View the site.

One of Pond2O’s interior pages. View the site.

About Pond2O

The Pond2O line includes beautiful, natural looking blue and black colorants with suspend technology to suppress weed growth with dyes that stay in suspension longer than many other colorants on the market. Also, Pond2O offers Bio with BioStart Technology. This product contains natural occurring bacteria with a food source to jumpstart the bacteria’s ability to consume sludge and muck.

Control and clean up algae with Pond2O’s Algae Control with Stabitrol Technlogy. This chelated copper is enhanced with Stabitrol to give residual control of algae up to 30 days. The Pond2O line is rounded out with Shoreline Weed Control for weeds such as cattails and Submerged Weed Control that will handle problems such as duckweed and watermeal. The addition of Pond2O Surf, an aquatic surfactant, can be added to any aquatic herbicide to improve its effectiveness.

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