We recently launched a new module for DERM to help promote and accept payments for Galderma PreBoard Seminar.

We have worked with DERM for several years. Dr. Bikowski has been the main presenter in this event for several years as well, but this is the first year they have promoted the event and accepted payments online.

Services Provided Include:

The challenge was the quantity of information to include about the event, so we arranged the page strategically with tabs to best use of the real estate.

DERM Galderma PreBoard Seminar page.
An interior portion of the DERM: Galderma PreBoard Seminar page.

About the Galderma PreBoard Seminar

The fundamental aim of the Galderma PreBoard Seminar is to present an educationally valuable review of Dermatology. This is a preparatory seminar which approximates as closely as possible the format of the Kodachrome® segment of the Certifying Examination of the American Board of Dermatology.

The registrant will be exposed to over 750 projected images in a simulated exam environment with immediate review by the faculty members. In this way, the participants will be able to identify areas which might require further study. The seminar and webinar may also help alleviate “pre-test anxiety,” thus allowing the registrant to perform at an optimum level of competence during the actual examination.

Learn more about Dr. Bikowski and his practice at https://www.bikowskimd.com/.

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