Re-establishing a brand identity with more robust website and digital marketing

As a company, Baker Hill was going through a big transition. After a change in ownership, they needed to re-establish their brand—a brand that had historic value but had been downplayed in recent years. They were counting on the web as a big part of launching the Next Generation of Baker Hill, and they were on a fast track to tie in digital marketing and video content at the same time.
Baker Hill Web Design Case Study
TBH Creative and Baker Hill started with the core question: What problems can Baker Hill solve for their clients? That client-focused approach guided all of our efforts in a project that featured three main components:
  1. Expanded and redesigned website
  2. Video content to add depth and better present offerings
  3. Inbound and outbound email marketing campaigns
Baker Hill wanted to make sure their offline sales and marketing efforts were consistent with the new brand identity we were establishing online. TBH Creative started by refining the logo and brand color palette and then turned our skills to design product sheets, sales collateral, trade show booth and print ads. “It was a lot of work in an aggressive timeline,” notes TBH Creative President, Tatum Hindman, “but we were excited by the challenge and believed in the goal of launching a consistent identity from the very beginning.”


  • Communicate the brand identity: Introduce the Next Generation Baker Hill to the full marketplace. 
  • Add depth to content: Develop content that engages the audience and has the user experience in mind.
  • Leverage marketing strengths of online efforts: Improve SEO, increase lead generation & conversion rates, increase time on site 
Baker Hill Responsive Web Design Case Study


  • Restructured and designed website: Starting with the logo, we created a new color palette and much more modern design. Turning to content we worked with Baker Hill to establish a new tone that put the customer first. Rather than introducing products – we focused on telling the story of how Baker Hill solves problems. That involved dramatically increasing content – doubling page count – and changing the ways customers could move and interact with the site.  
  • Produced video to launch campaign: Baker Hill believes in the power of storytelling and what better way to communicate their shift in identity than to tell the story themselves. We created a video that launched their Next Generation campaign. The first video was so successful that there are plans to add solution-focused videos to the website as they continue to look for ways to create a richer customer experience on their website.  
  • Developed integrated digital marketing campaigns: Alongside the website and aggressive offline marketing efforts, we set Baker Hill up in HubSpot for marketing automation and connection with SalesForce for lead tracking. The benefits of HubSpot will be felt for years to come as they continue to track user behavior and offer a more customized experience for both prospects and customers. Our early campaigns were focused on brand recognition of Next Generation Baker Hill. Then we branched out into specific product campaigns with automated email workflows, social media components, and related content offers in the form of video, blog posts and infographics.

What did the customer think of the project and their new website?

I engaged TBH to assist with a full re-branding effort for Baker Hill and, in many ways, we learned the financial technology industry together. In TBH we have found a true marketing partner -not an order taker- and that keeps my internal team always thinking. I appreciate their perspective just as much as the quality of their work.

— Deidra Colvin, Chief Marketing Officer | Baker Hill


  1. Successful event promotion and branding. Learn more.
  2. All site metrics—sessions, users, pages per session and more have increased significantly since the launch of the new site (compared to previous year in first three months). 
    • 11% increase in new sessions
  3. Site content is now more focused on specific calls to action and it’s showing positive results. 
    • 20.5% increase of pageviews
    • 13% increase in pages per session
    • The Baker Hill NextGen Video has 74% average engagement, 93% play rate, and 18 actions on the video.

What worked best in this project?

“We knew we had a challenging situation with a new marketing team, a new identity, and a very aggressive timeline to launch our efforts and support sales,” commented Deidra Covin, Chief Marketing Officer for Baker Hill. “There were times where we all felt like we were working under a fire hose but the one thing that kept us all on track were weekly team meetings and a holistic approach to all marketing creation.” Tatum agrees, “Being involved in all aspects of their new marketing was a challenge but it gave us much-needed insight into their business and helped us develop stronger materials in the end.”

Baker Hill Case Study

In a project of this scale it was important to stay on top of the details and not forget the big picture goals, some of the things that helped us do just that:
  • Weekly team meetings focused on current work and what was next in the pipeline
  • Smaller meetings with Tatum and Deidra to make sure all efforts were driving in the right direction
  • Use of Google Drive to share files and work collaboratively 

Future plans

TBH Creative and Baker Hill are building on the success of the initial project and continuing to work together on targeted inbound campaigns, additional video content, Adwords marketing campaigns and more. 
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