Recently, the banking software professionals at Baker Hill came to us for help creating the design collateral and event brand for their annual Client Meeting in August. The Baker Hill Client Meeting event was a 3-day conference in downtown Indianapolis with speakers and presenters sharing the latest updates and software to banking professionals in the area.

They were planning this event in a shorter than usual time table and had just completed a brand refresh.They wanted to showcase the new components and visually communicate a theme of Evolution and the Next Generation of Baker Hill.

Event Logo - Baker Hill Evolution

Our team stepped up to the plate to help Baker Hill pull together digital, event, and company branded materials in time to make their event a success.

Process and Work

Our first step was to meet with the marketing team at Baker Hill and develop a strategy to create the elements needed to promote and support the event. Once the direction was established, we quickly got to work creating the visual elements to make the annual Baker Hill Client Meeting a professional, energetic, and technology-focused theme.

Project Scope of Work

  • Event logo/theme
  • Signage
  • Mobile app visuals
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • PowerPoint template for all presentations
  • AV wall creatives
  • New display booth artwork
  • Capturing photo and video
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Baker Hill Client Meeting Signage

Baker Hill Event Branded AV Wall

Event Large Display Booth Design

What worked best in this project?

The theme of Evolution was a key element of the event marketing campaign success. The visuals created had a 3-D technology feel. Consistency across the pieces helped strengthen the message and introduced the Next Generation of Baker Hill since their acquisition in September 2015. The new designs incorporated the overarching new brand elements and enhanced them for a bold event theme.

This event took place at The Westin Indianapolis and brought in roughly 100 banking professionals from across the region.

About Baker Hill’s Annual Client Meeting

This annual conference includes workshops, lectures, and demos of the new financial software being rolled out by Baker Hill. Next year’s Client Meeting event is right around the corner!

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