How to use LinkedIn effectively for business
What can LinkedIn do for your business? Known as the professional networking site, B2B and B2C businesses alike can benefit from engaging and investing in this platform. Businesses use LinkedIn as a brand tool, to generate leads, to find new talent, and to establish themselves as experts in their industry.

Is your business on LinkedIn? Have you optimized your content and utilized LinkedIn tools for the greatest potential ROI? Read on for tips to use LinkedIn effectively for your business.

Focus on the network

A tool is only as good as the hand that wields it, right? To successfully use LinkedIn as a company tool, you should actually be using the platform with a company page. By connecting with associates in your industry or companies you admire (smart, hardworking, creative, etc), you are one step closer to their networks and your own network keeps growing.

If you build up your connections by commenting on, congratulating, and sharing others’ content, then when you post a job opportunity or a reveal a new project, you will be more likely to see higher engagement within the LinkedIn community.

Be professional, but genuine

Social media in general is more personable than traditional marketing methods. One way to ensure you put the right foot forward on LinkedIn is to share insights into the culture of your business on your company page. For example, Warby Parker in New York City, includes this peek into their corporate culture in their LinkedIn bio:
Because all work and no play makes a dull office, we fill our days with snacks, surprises, pneumatic tubes, and, when appropriate, costumes. As a team member at Warby Parker, you can also look forward to company outings, guest speakers, volunteering opportunities, and brain-stimulating activities.

– Warby Parker LinkedIn Description Excerpt
By sharing their playful office antics as well as placing emphasis on professional development, it is apparent what sort of atmosphere and work style potential partners, clients, or job applicants can expect at Warby Parker.

Share recent projects and industry resources

Your company bio isn’t the only place to give a feel for your work and projects. Posting frequently on the platform is strategic since 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites are referred by LinkedIn (eConsultancy). This means you should use your LinkedIn updates regularly to share recent projects, industry news, and other pertinent information. This will help to build your network and show your style, as mentioned above, but it also gives you the chance to share and showcase items that will attract the right leads to your company.
64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites are referred by LinkedIn. – eConsultancyTweet this

Content topics should be industry-focused

LinkedIn is notably more business-oriented than other popular social media sites. It is where professionals go to connect and share. Content you post on your LinkedIn company page should have topics and resources of interest to this audience.

In a recent post by Starbucks on LinkedIn, they shared the headline “Starbucks Reports Record Q3 Financial and Operating Results.” This news is exciting for their company, and is a great example of an industry update that works well with the tenor of the LinkedIn audience.
Starbucks LinkedIn Post Example
This example shows a Starbucks company page update that is relevant for LinkedIn Audience.

Use LinkedIn tools to your company’s advantage 

In additional to simply using and managing your LinkedIn profile for your business, LinkedIn offers a few features and tools that can take your company’s presence on the platform to the next level.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content + Direct Sponsored Content
Sponsored Content + Direct Sponsored Content are options that utilize content you’re already creating and sharing, but allow you to add a campaign budget and targeting to the posts. Similar to an “ad” on other platforms, sponsoring content ensures your content is seen by the right people. In fact, in a recent case study, HubSpot reported “400% more leads within their target audience than lead generation efforts on other platforms” as a result of LinkedIn Sponsored Content.
HubSpot reported “400% more leads within their target audience than lead generation efforts on other platforms” as a result of LinkedIn Sponsored Content.Tweet this
LinkedIn Showcase Pages
Showcase Pages allow you to highlight specific brands, locations, projects, or events in greater detail while still having your company page as the main hub. By creating these sub-pages, you can focus the target audience and engagement efforts based on the contents of the showcase page. This is a feature designed for bigger companies that offer multiple kinds of products or services that need to be marketed separately, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise who utilizes showcase pages for HPE Big Data, HPE Security, and HPE Software.

LinkedIn Recruiter + Job Posts
Because the platform is so focused on professionals, it makes sense to recruit and post opportunities on LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. Posting a job on LinkedIn is a free service, and even comes with free profile matches selected by LinkedIn for candidates they’ve identified as good matches. For companies that are frequently in need of new talent or growing rapidly, the paid LinkedIn Recruiter service is designed to target and recruit top talent and build up a pipeline of well-suited candidates to fill openings quickly. You can try the service with a free demo to see if it might be a good fit for your company and talent search.

In the end, it’s all about showing up

These tips to optimize your LinkedIn company page are good jumping off points to include in your social media strategy. Ultimately, as with any social media campaign or profile, the most success will be seen by keeping up the content, the day-to-day interactions and engagements, and actually being present on the platform. Here are a few suggested articles that share more tips and insights for utilizing social media as a marketing tool:
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