If you were not born with that natural creative knack and you are searching for ways to feed your creativity, then take a look at these online tools. With the Internet at your fingertips, why not take advantage of these tools for ideas and inspiration?

Color Palette Creation
If you are inspired by color or work with color, these tools will help you find new and creative ways to use colors together.

  • COLOURlovers. Not only can you compare color palettes, but find out about color trends, read color articles, and more.
  • kuler. This tool is versatile and fun. Find colors by images, emotions, colors you select, or by browsing popular combinations.

Photo Editors
Use these tools to make the most creative images you can, then share them with the world.

  • Gimp. If you can’t afford Photoshop, try this tool that includes layers, channels, paths, and plenty of painting tools.
  • Flickr. Edit photos and share with others or browse through the amazing number of photos available for anyone to enjoy.
  • Flash Slide Show Maker. Create Flash slide shows quickly and easily with this free software.

Photo Prompts
If you like looking at photos for inspiration, then check out these places on the Internet that will stimulate your creativity.

  • Smugmug. This site has some absolutely gorgeous photos that are well worth browsing for help finding your creativity.
  • morgueFile. These stock photographs are free to use and free to browse through for great ideas.
  • One Photo a Day. Get a new photo every day on this site, or browse through the past days to see inspirational photos.
  • 365 Pictures Prompts. Visit this site each day for a new photo contributed from independent photographers to feed your creativity.
  • Every Photo Tells a Story. Check out the images posted here every day for a wide range of photos and pictures.
  • Fotosearch. While these photos aren’t free to use, there are plenty to browse through for inspiration or ideas for your own creations.

Various Creativity Triggers
From checking out inspirational websites to creativity exercises to coming up with fun slogans, these tools will help trigger your creativity when it’s waning.

  • Creativity Portal. Find ideas for arts and crafts, creative living, writing, and prompts–or if all else fails, get creativity coaching.
  • Favorite Website Awards. The websites showcased here are sure to offer inspiration and appreciation for other’s creativity.
  • An Exercise. Try out this exercise from the book, The Creative Brain, that gets your imagination and creativity flowing.
  • Creativity Pool. Add ideas for inventions that should be made or search for ideas that others have contributed here.
  • Creative Aerobics. Select online activities from this list that will help you explore topics or concepts, break mindsets, find alternate problem-solving techniques, and much more.
  • Web Lab. Check out the projects going on at this site that all share a goal of bringing new perspectives to important social issues.
  • Instructables. This website is full of fun projects you can create yourself. Browse through these projects to get your creative juices flowing.
  • . Use this tool to create slogans based on keywords or use the slogans generated as a trigger for brainstorming your own.

Source: 100 Excellent Online Tools to Feed Your Creativity

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