Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your chances to be included in the relevant search engine results for targeted keywords with the ultimate goal of increasing traffic to your website. I often hear my clients say: “I want to come up first in Google.

The problem is: everyone else is trying to do the same thing! Therefore, it is important to understand that search engine optimization and search engine marketing is an ongoing process based on competition for targeted keywords and changes in the search engine algorithms. If your competitor increases what they are doing, you will need to do the same in order to stay ranked. If Google changes they way they rank sites, you will need to adjust your strategy.

What does it take to rank?

Depending on your targeted keywords and their competitiveness, the efforts required to see results will vary. Different companies will tell you different things too, which can be frustrating and overwhelming.

But, first thing, no matter what, is to define the “keywords” you wish to see results for. Choosing the right keywords to base your site optimization around is an important first step. General keywords are usually not the best approach — it is usually better to be more specific and focus on niche keywords relating to your product or service.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will people search for the service or product on my website?
  2. Exactly which words will they be searching for?
  3. How competitive are my target keywords — how many other websites are targeting the same keywords?

How competitive are your keywords?

Type your keywords into the search engine and you will see approx. how many other people are coming up for the same term. These are your competitors.

Google screenshot

We recommend that you be realistic about targeting highly competitive keywords – you may be better off targeting less popular ones.

Stay tuned for more SEO information, but get started today thinking about your keywords.