Three areas to consider when selecting a web design agency

Are we a good match for your web project?

There are some key things you should consider when you start looking for a web design and development firm. Those criteria will help you make sure you get the best fit for your needs and budget. We’ve compiled a list of suggested items to analyze when you are in the process of selecting a web design and development firm:

1. Design Needs:

  • Are you looking for a unique, creative, and compelling design that represents your brand?
  • How big is your site/how many pages?
  • Do you want a design that can grow with your company with the ability to add features over time?

2. Functionality Needs:

  • Do you need custom functionality as part of your website?
  • Do you want the ability to maintain pages and content yourself?
  • Do you need complementary services such as email marketing, search engine optimization or social networking assistance?

3. Intangible Needs:

  • Do you have challenges that require expert guidance, recommendations and options?
  • Have you earmarked budget money to create and manage a high-end website project?
If you answered yes to most of above questions, TBH Creative would be a great match. The team at TBH Creative understands that a website project—whether a redesign or brand new website—is more than just a website. We thrive on projects that take your website to the next level. We offer design, application development, customized functionality, content management systems, online marketing services and more. When you need the whole picture, you need TBH Creative.

If you are at the phase where your website design and development needs aren’t quite that big, there are some great resources available to you. Try using a template site, freeware, or contact your local college to hire a student. And when your business grows to the point where you’re ready for a professional online marketing strategy—we’re ready to talk.

Still not sure if we’re the right match? Give us a call. We might be able to help. Sometimes it is hard to determine upfront and we are happy to talk through some options with you.

Tatum Hindman

About the author | Tatum Hindman

Tatum is the president of TBH Creative and is responsible for building long-term client relationships. She enjoys the strategy behind web design and collaborating with clients to define and execute online marketing goals. She likes to blog about hot topics in web design and digital marketing, as well as share tips for strengthening your online presence.

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