This month, I am writing a series of blog posts on social media and your business.

Pinterest is one of the newest social media websites. The popularity of Pinterest has grown quickly. Pinterest is very different than any of the other social media sites. Users create pin boards to keep track of everything from inspirations to products that they “pin,” or bookmark. Pinterest can be great for advertising services and products, strengthening branding, and driving traffic to your website.


  1. Unique Pinterest is different than many other social media websites. With Pinterest, you can reach a different audience of users that may not be on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Easy to use Using Pinterest is straight-forward, making it hard for users to get overwhelmed. It’s very easy to look for—and find—the content you need.
  3. Attractive interface Pinterest could be confusing, hard to navigate, and cluttered. Its interface clean, sortable, and organized.


  1. Not for every business Pinterest is a visual site. If you cannot display your products, brand values, or services visually, maybe Pinterest isn’t for you.
  2. Another social media channel? If your social media marketing team is having trouble keeping up with your Facebook and other social media accounts, Pinterest may not be worth adding to your workload. Populating your profile with images can help, but it needs to stay up to date as much as the other social media websites.
  3. Privacy concerns With Pinterest, you can log on with Facebook or Twitter. This may cause some privacy concerns in the future. We haven’t seen a large issue yet, but there’s always that chance passwords and information may be compromised.


Wilton Cake Decorating uses their Pinterest to show off what their products can do. Posting frosting tips and cookie cutters can be pretty boring, while showing artistic cakes and desserts can be an inspiration for existing and potential customers alike.

Cost Plus World Market uses Pinterest to display their products in real settings. Seeing a piece of furniture on a plain background doesn’t appeal to users and make them want to buy the item. However, adding decorative pillows, matching decor, and a comforting setting can appeal to and inspire potential customers because it allows them to imagine products at use in their homes.

In today’s digital world, your Internet presence can be just as important as your company website. TBH Creative can get you started with a social media strategy. It could help you gain the competitive advantage.