Every year, we like to look back and review our blog performance so that we can continue to produce content that our users find interesting. We covered a wide variety of topics in 2015 in categories such as inbound marketing, web design and development, and content strategy.

Below are some of our most popular blog posts from the past year. Enjoy!

Hospital web design showcase: 6 examples of the best hospital websites

This is by far our most popular post on our blog, which makes sense–as we discovered when putting this post together, it’s hard to find high-quality examples of hospital websites! The websites featured in this post are the exception, and are a good representation of the features that every hospital website should have. View the showcase

How to organize your website project for success

We all want our websites to succeed but don’t always know how to achieve that goal. Planning is one of the key factors in getting there and is necessary in order to start a project out on the right path. This post will walk you through five steps you can take to set your project up for success from the beginning. Read more

Types of website traffic and how to increase them​: Direct traffic

Website analytics can be confusing, and it’s our job as web professionals to help our clients understand their data. By analyzing traffic sources, you can understand how users are getting to your website, which can go a long way in determining how to update your marketing strategy. This is why we created a series on the types of website traffic you might see in your analytics report. Check out the first post in the series on direct traffic.

Creative website navigation

Website navigation tends to follow a common pattern between websites without straying too far from the norm. We’ve recently seen a trend of websites who have decided to challenge that by getting creative with their navigation. Get inspired to push the limits with your site navigation by checking out these unique examples. View the showcase.

Unique hero graphics

Another trend that has become a standard for modern web design is the hero graphic. These large, compelling introductory sections can go a long way towards engaging your audience. However, with the rise in popularity of hero sections, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. Check out this showcase of websites with unique hero graphics.

Animated GIFs and SVGs

It’s no surprise this was a popular post this past year. Animated GIFs in particular have become increasingly popular across the web, especially on social media, as displayed by Facebook adding support for animated GIFs this past year. Many websites have harnessed the power of animations to add interactivity and interest to content. Explore some examples of animated GIFs and SVGs in action.

6 examples of online brand style guides

Is your branding consistent across all of your marketing channels? It can be challenging to present a united style when you have multiple channels to take into account, from your website to social media to email marketing and so on. That’s where an online brand style guide can come in handy–it provides a central place to set branding rules that can be easily accessed by anyone on your team. Take a look at some high-quality examples of online brand style guides.

Find out what’s new in TBH Creative’s upgraded Content Management System

This year, we were thrilled to make a new version of the TBH Creative content management system available. We created this article to show off the new features and capabilities to current and potential clients. Learn more about our latest upgrades.

Using team photos to improve your conversion rate

A website is generally more effective when it reflects a company’s personality and shows that there are real people behind the content. One easy way to achieve that is by adding photos of your team to your website, which helps to increase trust and improve your conversion rate. Learn more about how this can be a beneficial strategy.

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