Increase engagement on your company Facebook page
Social media isn’t just for kids anymore. Businesses have been regularly increasing their digital marketing budgets each year, including social media strategy and management. Why? Because the average user logs in on social media for over an hour and a half a day – an average of 12 hours / week according to GlobalWebIndex. People of all ages are spending more time on social media than ever before, which is why your business should be strategically and consistently utilizing a Company Page on Facebook.

One valuable metric of social media performance is the engagement rate. Engagement on Facebook includes any time someone likes, shares, comments, or clicks on a post. When users take the time to interact with your posts, it is a good indicator that your content is reaching them on some level. In other words, when your social media engagement rate improves it is a tell-tale sign that your messaging is resonating with your audience.

Though every industry has nuances, there are a few types of posts that are generally well received by most social media audiences. Read on for the three social media posts you can share this week to improve engagement.

Post #1 – Tag a client or partner in a congratulatory post

One of the simplest ways to encourage engagement on social media is to interact with others on the platforms. By sharing others’ good news or current events on your company page, and tagging their Facebook Pages in those posts, you are participating in the online community and this will increase engagement.

  • If one of your clients is celebrating a grand opening
  • If a company partner is promoting a current sale or deal
  • If an organization is hosting an event that benefits your community or ties into your products/services
You’ll want to be strategic about these types of posts. The content or news should make sense for your business and audience, as well as to the clients or partners you’re tagging. If you share a random post without any relevance to you or your audience, the post is likely to ring hollow and not be as well received.

Post #2 – Post a photo with real people in it

This is a strategy many smart social media marketers weave into company profiles regularly. In a nutshell, consumers do not find businesses and brands as trustworthy as individuals. In fact, most people will trust a person they don’t even know before they would trust a brand. (Nielsen) To counter this, use behind-the-scenes photos of real people who work for or represent your business. These types of posts should include at least one image and do not have to be big news to make the cut!

  • If a team member or collaborator is having a birthday
  • If a collaborator meets with someone from your team
  • If a team member or collaborator is celebrating a personal or professional victory
Since this type of post is likely to include people’s photo or personal news, it is important to get permission before sharing them with your company’s social media followers.

Post #3 – Share your own good news

“Good news” posts on Facebook are generally better received than other types of posts. This is partly due to Facebook algorithms that determine which posts to feature and partly because people really are excited for others when they succeed. Again, this type of post does not have to be earth-shattering news to be worthy of sharing.

  • If your company is given an award or recognition
  • If your company gets certified to provide a certain type of service
  • If your company moves into a new office or hires a new person
  • If your company celebrates a milestone, such as 5 years in business or 100th blog post

Bonus Post – Review past posts for high performers

For many Facebook Page managers, certain posts stand out as high performers. These posts have considerably more likes, shares, or comments compared to others on the page. To increase engagement, revisit these posts and incorporate similar elements into new posts.

  • If a post featuring the business owner’s philanthropic work was the most “liked” post on your page, consider posting more about it.
  • If a photo of the new office space received a lot of comments and clicks, consider a “then and now” post after x days / months / years in the new office.
Ultimately, increasing engagement on social media is an ongoing process. Determining a strategy and goals for your business are good first steps. Regular review of the Insights should also be part of the process, allowing for adjustments in content and strategy throughout the campaign. Interested in more information about optimizing your social media presence?

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