The future of healthcare is digital: 76% of patients plan to use telehealth this year and 75% of medical consumers want a more customized experience. Medical practices need healthcare marketing solutions that keep pace with patient demands.

The healthcare industry is on the frontlines of a world adapting to COVID, big data, and personalization. Keep reading to learn about healthcare marketing solutions your practice can’t afford to ignore.

Planning healthcare marketing solutions that work

You can’t solve problems until you name them. Planning effective healthcare marketing solutions starts by auditing your business for the following:

  • Incongruency in website design
  • Outdated processes like paper filing and phone scheduling
  • Inconsistent, off-brand, and unengaging social media posts
  • Content errors like grammar, broken links, and inaccurate information

Most practices come to us with two big problems in need of healthcare marketing solutions: buggy or absent online management systems and a lack of high-quality content.

The top two marketing challenges for medical practices

The healthcare industry has always faced systemic inefficiencies that lead to burnout and overwhelm. Unsurprisingly, marketing can seem like a less urgent priority when clinics are understaffed, and public health protocols are in flux.


Creating and managing online resources for patients

Patients want on-demand access to their medical records. They also want to schedule appointments outside of work hours or without needing to reduce background noise. Many healthcare organizations struggle to implement and manage the necessary changes.

A post-pandemic world must provide healthcare consumers a way to get the resources they need without requiring in-person, mail, or phone communication. Digital marketing solutions in healthcare can pave the way.


Building a content-driven strategy

Healthcare providers are experts in medicine, not blog writing, video production, or social media management. Patients want high-quality information (and physicians want patients to have it). Distilling complicated health information takes time medical professionals just don’t have.

If your healthcare organization has these problems, we have good news! Digital tools can address your internal and external communications issues and set your brand apart from the competition. Consider the following as you build effective healthcare marketing solutions.

1. UX closes the gap in patient perception of quality

The most effective healthcare marketing solutions consistently do one thing very well: they help patients feel good about the quality of their healthcare. Outstanding web UX amplifies the quality of care your patients receive in-person and virtually.

Catalyze growth with meaningful digital experiences

Improved UX is more than a way to increase revenue and improve retention. It’s also the modern vehicle for the patient journey:

  • Online scheduling prioritizes self-care (even with background noise).
  • Integrated portals give patients control over the data informing their care.
  • Readable emails requesting reviews give patients room to share wins or needs.

Although more people are turning to digital tools for their healthcare, patient satisfaction with technology is declining.

This is your practice’s moment to stand apart by integrating patient-centric healthcare marketing solutions, starting with better UX.

doctor and patient speaking

2. Comprehensive marketing increases new patient acquisition

What if you’ve already invested in UX but aren’t seeing the expected results? You can have a patient-centric website, but you won’t see the ROI you want unless you take an omnichannel approach.

Along with website redesign, comprehensive healthcare marketing solutions include the following digital tactics:

  • Ongoing SEO content
  • Healthcare app integration
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Educational outreach programming
  • Event planning
  • Thought leadership

The key to healthcare marketing is customization. Work with healthcare marketing specialists to get a tailored strategy for your target audience.

3. Patient engagement improves patient retention

The following healthcare marketing statistics underscore the need to engage patients in fresh ways:

  • 5% of Google searches are health-related
  • Patients search condition-specific terms when they’re ready to convert
  • 1-in-10 patients consult social media for health information
  • 69% of Millennials prefer the internet to doctors for health advice

Here’s what this data tells us about where you can find healthcare marketing solutions: at the beginning of the patient journey. Medical practices can improve retention beginning with the patient acquisition.

Targeting patients by marketing healthcare services attract people looking for more personalized care. Promoting these services through social media leverages patient behavior to educate healthcare consumers and bring them solutions.

Some of the best promotional material is educational content – the type that boosts your website’s SEO quality. Creating videos and blogs that educate patients about their symptoms and conditions will build the kind of trust that keeps patients coming back to you.

FAQs about healthcare marketing solutions

Developing and executing healthcare marketing solutions that work is complicated. That’s because the best marketing strategy solves immediate problems but is agile enough to adapt to future disruptions.

Learn more about digital healthcare marketing solutions by reading the answers below.

How can healthcare marketing be improved?

You can improve your healthcare marketing by auditing your underperforming assets. You can also survey leads and existing patients to learn how they heard about your practice and what improvements they want to see in your communications.

In addition to these internal evaluations, you can also improve your marketing by studying your competition. Implementing these practices will turn your problems into healthcare marketing solutions.

What will be the marketing strategies for health and wellness centers?

The most effective marketing strategies for health and wellness centers include mobile-friendly websites, high-quality healthcare content, social media marketing, and frictionless UX.

Health and wellness centers must create patient-centric healthcare marketing solutions to convert. Patients expect personalization, and targeted healthcare marketing is the answer.

What digital marketing strategies will be effective in the healthcare industry?

These patient-centric digital strategies will bring medical organizations the healthcare marketing solutions they’re after.

  • Improved website UX
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Mobile access to medical records
  • Educational, value-based SEO content

Remember, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Develop healthcare marketing solutions customized to your unique practice and audience for the best results.

How can I promote my health business?

Successful health businesses promote their work on social media channels, websites, emails, and more. But creating promotional content takes an enormous amount of time, and the learning curve for digital marketing is high.

Reduce your workload by outsourcing your marketing strategy to a healthcare marketing agency. When you work with healthcare marketers, you focus on your patients while they improve retention and grow your revenue.

Healthcare marketing is an investment worth making

The healthcare industry spends over $9 billion on digital healthcare marketing solutions. Top medical brands understand that technological evolution, public health, and patient needs demand increased personalization, convenience, and access.

Creating healthcare marketing assets that answer the future’s call takes time, personnel, and expertise. Instead of diverting those resources from your patients, work with a full-service, digital marketing team specializing in healthcare.

Meet TBH Creative, an award-winning healthcare marketing agency

Like you, the digital marketing experts at TBH Creative are passionate about helping people. That’s why we throw ourselves into creating customized, results-driven healthcare marketing solutions for medical brands.

For the past four years, we’ve been nationally recognized by the Aster Awards for our work in the healthcare industry:

  • 2021 – Gold awards in website design, telemedicine microsite, physician search, service line promotion; silver award in recruitment campaign
  • 2020 – Gold awards in digital annual report development; silver award in service line promotion
  • 2019 – Gold award in digital marketing; silver award in website design
  • 2018 – Gold award in blog design

Don’t let an outdated website or inconsistent social media marketing stop patients from getting the excellent care you can offer them. Get in touch with us to learn how we can scale your business through healthcare marketing solutions that work.