The best church websites are motivational and strategic. They help ministries make a good first impression, promote messages of God’s love, and build stronger, faith-based communities online.

Knowing they could do more to serve people through their website, Traders Point Christian Church came to TBH Creative for help with their recent church website redesign project and transition to the Rock RMS, a church management system.

TPCC’s primary goals for their redesigned church website revolved around supporting their mission to remove barriers that keep people from Jesus:

  • Streamlining the user experience with website persona research, clearer content organization, and search engine optimized web copy
  • Using a customized integration of the Rock RMS to simplify making site updates and managing processes and interactions among the church community
  • Improving SEO to make it easier for people to find the church when searching online
  • Making new users and the existing community feel welcome by designing distinctive webpage templates, flexible enough to accommodate future enhancements

The solution—

TBH Creative’s modern church website redesign work for Traders Point Christian Church included:

  • Website strategy and goal planning
  • Website architecture
  • Web content writing and editing
  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Web development
  • Rock RMS customization
  • Training

Launch date: December 2019


TBH Creative chatted via email about the web redesign project with Traders Point Christian Church’s communications director Jill Van Nostran. Her responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did Traders Point decide to rethink its website strategy and start a website redesign project?

Jill: Our previous website was not reaching new people—or communicating with website visitors—in a very effective way. Its design was outdated, and it also was difficult to navigate and not optimized for search engines. In addition, we changed our relationship management system and wanted a website tightly integrated with that new system so that website visitors could have a seamless and better experience.

You have a talented marketing team with a diverse set of talents. Why did you choose to hire an outside firm to help you with your project?

Jill: We wanted to work with an expert in building and designing websites to help us achieve our goals. We needed an expert that could guide us through the process of designing, building, launching and marketing the site.

With so many web design firms in the Indianapolis area, why did you pick TBH Creative to be your partner for this work?

Jill: We spoke with several web design firms around the country. TBH Creative came highly recommended to us from local digital marketing experts. It was clear right away that TBH Creative was smart, expertly skilled at building custom websites, could manage a major website build like we had, and could guide us in thinking through marketing the site well.

How are the results so far?

Jill: Almost as soon as we launched the site, we started seeing the results. It was clear right away that not only were search engines finding and ranking the site, but website visitors were able to immediately find what they needed to find on the site. The new site offers a much-improved experience all around.

Given everything else you have going on to support your mission, how did TBH Creative add value and help your team keep its church website redesign project on track?

Jill: Because of the size of the project and because there were multiple teams involved, having TBH Creative help serve as the project manager to pull everyone together and keep the website build moving forward was incredibly valuable. TBH Creative also was incredibly flexible and able to pivot—and recommended needed pivots back to us—at times when the project required a change.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to others looking for strategic church website redesign and marketing help?

Jill: 100% yes! We’re excited to continue working with TBH Creative on additional projects to further improve our online presence.