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48 astoundingly good hospital websites that deliver for their patients

user checks out a good hospital website on his smartphone

For a growing number of people, the habit of sticking with a provider just because you “like them” is fading away. Today’s patients anticipate excellent service at every point during their healthcare journey. This expectation means having a good hospital website so your practice can provide a satisfying experience online is no longer an optional part of […]

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Best digital annual reports of 2021: Get inspired by these websites

digital annual report illustration

What do we know about the best digital annual reports? The most successful yearly wrap-ups go beyond just sharing essential info about financial standings. They also feature dynamic designs, strong imagery, and moving storytelling to showcase accomplishments from the past year. Though the preferred way to share annual report findings varies from company to company, […]

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Want a sticky website? Follow these 4 essential usability tips

illustration of people creating a sticky website

A great website is a sticky website. It does more than just provide information. It encourages interactions, delivers a memorable experience, and makes people want to visit again later. Users can’t resist a mix of professional design, engaging copy (with valuable information), and a positive user experience. Keep reading to discover exactly what makes a […]

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