Hey, y’all. My name is Alexia, and I’m TBH Creative’s summer web design intern.

My love for art has always driven me towards pursuing a creative career, but I’m not sure whether that will mean working in illustration, design, or—as a younger version of myself might say—“fashion design.”

In pursuit of my creative career, I currently attend Indiana Wesleyan University as a BFA in visual communications student, and this fall, I will be returning for my final year. I’m excited to graduate in 2023.

More about me

I was anxious when I started looking for a summer internship because I was worried I lacked the proper skills. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone because I lacked confidence. But now, after having completed my first full week as part of the TBH Creative team, I’m feeling nothing but excitement.

“So far I’ve already learned a lot from Tatum and those who work at TBH Creative. Tatum has created a wonderful environment. I feel very welcome.”

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Fun facts

Here are some interesting trivia tidbits about me:

  • I was born into a military family
  • I modeled a dress I helped make as part of a fashion show during my freshman year
  • I’ve moved seven times and attended eight schools
  • Some of my favorite things include coffee, Lord of the Rings, and crystals


Some of the activities that I enjoy in my spare time include:

  • foraging (mushrooms and herbs)
  • going thrift shopping
  • decorating the walls in my room with random things
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Now playing

These are some of the songs currently in my music rotation:

  • “Darl+ing” SEVENTEEN
  • “Not Allowed” TV Girl
  • “Curls” Bibio
  • “Donuts Mind If I Do” CHAI

I can’t wait to work hard and put my creativity to good use on projects for our company and its clients this summer before I head back to school and look forward to what the next couple of months will bring as TBH Creative’s intern.

To see more examples of my work, check out my website.

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