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The do’s of managing healthcare social media accounts

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Social media is changing the doctor-patient relationship and how people think about their health and how they get care. In fact, 41% of people said what they see on social media plays some part in their choice of doctor, hospital, and medical facility, according to Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group. Having a […]

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5 social media mistakes to avoid

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On average, Americans are on social media for 144 minutes each day. Because we are all spending so much of our free time connecting via social media, it’s a great channel for businesses to use to meet their existing (and potential) customers where they already are. If you’re starting to think about launching a new […]

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Social media posting: too much or not enough?

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Getting a new follower on social media is a win. To keep your audience engaged, sharing the right content at the right time matters. Without a social media strategy for posting, it takes a lot of luck to get your timing just right. Users on each platform have different tolerances and expectations. Keep reading for […]

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How to start (and grow) a Facebook group for a target audience segment

Facebook group example

Strategic digital marketing includes data collection, strategy, and segmented messaging based on your audiences. For some businesses and organizations, such as a community hospital, church, or B2C business, starting a Facebook group can complement other marketing efforts. By including strategies to reach specific audiences, smart marketing within a Facebook group can build community and pinpoint […]

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