Podcasts aren’t just for comedy and true crime. They’re an increasingly popular medium for people who want to get helpful information quickly and conveniently.

In fact, 74% of podcast listeners say they tune in to podcasts to learn something new. For busy marketers, podcasts provide an efficient way to learn new tactics and strategies from industry peers and experts.

The trouble is, if you search for marketing podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, you’ll get literally thousands of results. With so many options, it can be hard to find good pods that are relevant to your role and interests.

We feel your pain and decided to help narrow things down with a little marketing podcast cheat sheet. Read on to find a variety of options for each area of marketing—and pop in those earbuds.

Podcasts for social media marketers

Social media is constantly changing. Managing your brand’s social presence and staying ahead of the latest trends can feel like herding cats (and those cats also each have a smartphone and their own Instagram account).

To stay on top of the latest and greatest tactics and trends from social media professionals, creators, and influencers, check out these social-focused podcasts.

The Science of Social Media

If you’re a social media manager, you’re probably familiar with Buffer or use its tools for posting and tracking your social media content. The experts at Buffer put their social media expertise to good use with The Science of Social Media podcast.

Each week, they answer listener questions about social media strategies and marketing tactics in easily digestible 10-20 minute episodes.

Creator Club

Hosted by digital marketer and YouTube creator Katie Steckly, the Creator Club podcast takes a hands-on “workshop-style” approach to learning the latest social media and content creation strategies. Steckly also covers the latest social media news and trends to help you stay savvy.

Social Creatures

Another name in the social media game you might be familiar with is Sprout Social, a social media platform that boasts customers, such as the Kraft Heinz Company and the Atlanta Hawks. In 2022, the company launched Social Creatures, a podcast hosted by Cat Anderson, Sprout’s head of international marketing

In each episode, Anderson sits down with a different business leader or marketer to hear their social media advice and success stories.

Podcasts for product marketers

Product marketers typically have to navigate a space somewhere between marketing, R&D, sales, and the C-suite. General marketing podcasts don’t often discuss the unique challenges product marketers face or have hosts or guests that speak their language.

These handpicked podcasts cover topics relevant to product marketers and feature the people out there daily doing the good work.

The Product Marketing Show

Hosted by Rishabh (Rish) Bhandari, founder and CEO of Content Beta, The Product Marketing Show gives you an insider perspective from leaders and marketers at top companies like Salesforce and IBM.

Bhandari keeps the episodes short and sweet, pulling out guests’ top tips and helpful nuggets for growing and scaling product marketing.

Product Marketing Life

Brought to you by the Product Marketing Alliance, Product Marketing Life features product marketing managers (PMMs) from small startups to large enterprises. Guests include PMMs from Uber, LinkedIn, and Google—just to name a few.

While the episodes are on the longer side (about 45 minutes on average), this biweekly podcast is chock-full of insights for today’s hard-working product marketer.

New to Product Marketing

If you’re new(er) to product marketing or just want to review some basics, this podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Maggie Bean, New to Product Marketing dives into the topics new or aspiring product marketers need to know.

Guests include seasoned experts as well as PMM newbies who share their advice, learnings, and product marketing fundamentals.

Podcasts for content marketers

The field of content marketing is as broad as the day is long, so there are hundreds of podcasts out there on the topic. From video content production to blogging to—well, podcasting—there’s something for everyone.

While there is an abundance of niche subtopics out there for content marketers to delve into, we recommend these podcasts for their general relevance, great production, host expertise, and entertainment value.

The Copyblogger Podcast

If you’ve been in the content marketing space for a while, you’ve heard of Copyblogger. They’ve been creating great content about great content since 2006.

A few years later, they launched “Copyblogger Radio” (which was essentially a podcast before podcasts were cool). The weekly show, now titled The Copyblogger Podcast, is hosted by Tim Stoddart and Ethan Brooks and features experts in copywriting, email marketing, content conversion optimization, and more.

The Content Strategy Podcast

Between research, asset creation, promotion, and all the many tasks content marketers are responsible for, it’s hard to make time for planning. But without a solid content strategy to bring everything together, all that great work is futile.

On The Content Strategy Podcast, host Kristina Halvorson talks to guests from top companies like Twitter, Adobe, and Atlassian about how they build and run a strategic content function.

This Old Marketing

If you haven’t read one of their bestselling books or heard them speak at a marketing conference, you’ve probably at least heard of Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. These two marketing experts were early to the podcasting game and have been at it for 10 years, bringing their content industry knowledge and big personalities to the format.

In each episode, they break down the latest headlines and talk (or rant) about current content trends.

Podcasts for digital marketers and SEOs

For anyone who isn’t a digital marketer or SEO expert, the work can seem like wizardry. But while optimizing your website and driving leads can feel pretty magical, you know how much real work it takes behind the scenes.

Naturally, you want a podcast that features tips and tricks from fellow digital marketing magicians. These podcast options cover both the strategic and tactical sides of paid search, digital ads, SEO, and more.

Perpetual Traffic

Produced by Tier 11 and hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam, Perpetual Traffic covers actionable strategies for acquiring leads and boosting sales.

The hosts and their guests share their digital marketing successes and struggles and offer tips for using Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, keyword strategy, AI tools for marketing, and much more.

Marketing Scoop

Digital marketers worldwide rave about SEMrush, so it makes perfect sense that the company would bring its digital expertise to podcasting.

From Google algorithm updates to YouTube advertising, hosts David Bain and Judith Lewis cover all the latest news and trends in digital marketing. They also feature business success stories and best practices from companies of all shapes and sizes.

The Paid Search Podcast

Google experts Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman talk all things Google Ads on The Paid Search Podcast. Each week, they drill into the details of the latest Google releases, algorithm changes, new tactics, and tried-and-true strategies.

Whether you’re a Google Ads veteran or a complete noob, Schaeffer and Rothman have you covered.

Podcasts for marketing leaders

Leading a marketing team today often requires both the tactical know-how of an experienced practitioner and the leadership skills of a seasoned executive. Heavy is the head that wears the many hats of a marketing leader.

If your jam-packed calendar leaves little time for learning and development, podcasts can be a great option for you. So, next time you have a few of those precious moments to yourself, throw on one of these pods, made especially for busy marketing leaders.

The CMO Podcast

This podcast from Gallery Media Group features host Jim Stengel, former CMO of Procter & Gamble. Through candid and intimate conversations, Stengel interviews top CMOs to learn what motivates them and how they approach their demanding roles.

If you’d like to hear inspiring stories from innovative marketing leaders at companies like Walgreens, Unilever, and GE, this podcast is for you.

Dare to Lead

While this isn’t a marketing podcast, per se, it is a must-listen podcast for leaders who want to learn and grow. In the podcast, bestselling author, professor, and public speaker Brené Brown brings her “courage-building playbook” to the microphone.

The pod is a mix of solo episodes with Brown and conversations with whom she calls “change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible.”

Marketing Over Coffee

If there’s one thing busy marketing leaders always need, it’s more coffee. Each week hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn cover the latest marketing topics and chat with thought leaders like Seth Godin, Ann Handley, and Mitch Joel.

CMOs who want a steaming cup of industry trends and insights will want to listen in. Best of all, each episode is only about 30 minutes.

Podcasts about marketing strategy

Sometimes, as marketers, we can get so caught up in our many day-to-day tasks that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Without the right goals and a roadmap to get you there, all those tactics are just random acts of marketing that won’t add up to much.

Put on your strategy hat (er, headphones) and listen to these podcasts focused on long-term marketing plays and actionable strategies for revenue growth.

The Long Game

Brought to you by Omniscient Digital and hosted by Allie Decker, David Ly Khim, and Alex Birkett, The Long Game is a hole-in-one for marketing strategists.

In each episode, the three hosts and their all-star lineup of guests share personal and professional success stories. They discuss the frameworks and principles that drive effective marketing strategy and sustainable, long-term business success.


This Webby-nominated podcast from the HubSpot Podcast Network is hosted by growth strategist and author Troy Sandidge (aka, “the Strategy Hacker”).

In each bite-sized episode (15–30 minutes long), Sandidge dives into a specific area of business strategy and discusses the systems, methodologies, and solutions for increasing sustainable profitability and scalable revenue.

Markigy: The Science of Marketing Strategy

In this new(ish) podcast from Reignite Media, host Leanne Dow-Weimer and her guests discuss modern marketing strategies built on long-term wins for customers. The name “Markigy” comes from the intersection of science, creativity, and strategy—a space in which strategic marketers must operate to build measurable, sustainable growth.