Choosing the best digital marketing agency to partner with can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process since there are so many considerations.

Are you looking for help on a one-off project, or are you interested in finding someone to collaborate with over the long term? Do you want to do a complete website redesign project, or do you simply need help creating and managing a new digital ad campaign?

Since there are some misconceptions out there that can make it difficult when selecting the right partner, we’re going to debunk five common myths about top-performing digital marketing firms.


Myth: A digital marketing agency is either really creative or really business savvy

There’s this notion that you have to choose between an agency that is either super creative with unconventional thinkers or one with really serious “business types.”

The truth is, the best digital marketing agencies are both. The most successful marketing firms prioritize innovation and strategy when building solutions for their clients that deliver results.


Myth: The bigger the agency, the better

There’s nothing wrong with working with a large marketing agency if you’re more comfortable with that or feel it’s best for your organization to do so. But it’s certainly not true that bigger necessarily means better.

Working with a smaller agency can offer some really great benefits, like a more hands-on approach or personal touch. With fewer clients to cater to, smaller firms can often be the best digital marketing agencies because they can be more attentive and responsive to client needs.


Myth: My company doesn’t have a marketing team, so we couldn’t fully leverage an agency partner

Regardless of the size of an organization or how it’s structured, any company can benefit from partnering with a digital marketing agency—no marketing experience is required.

The most important thing is that you’re willing to learn and communicate with your agency so they can help you achieve your goals. They have the expertise in marketing while you have the expertise in your business.

When you work with one of the best digital marketing agencies around, you can create and execute really impactful campaigns that move your business forward.


Myth: Digital marketing is like magic

While marketers might sometimes like to think of themselves as magicians, digital marketing is really just a beautiful blend of creativity and knowledge (see Myth #1).

A great agency partner will work with you and your team to make that marketing magic together. They’ll let you see behind the curtain and explain what they’re doing and how it’s getting results. Your team and your business will always be part of the show.


Myth: Digital marketing activity leads to results

This myth is only half true. Sure, every marketing activity can tie to some kind of result or metric. But it’s really the execution of your entire marketing strategy that moves the needle.

Digital marketing is about more than one tactic or one campaign. It’s an orchestration of all your efforts working seamlessly together to create an excellent experience for your customers that drives revenue and business growth.

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