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Need a Flash player for your video?

In working with a video expert to create a video for DoorFly.com, we were stuck to find a good video player that would offer the controls we needed and stop the video from autoplaying. Since we would be posting the video on the web site home page, we needed it to start buffering right away, but hold the play until the user activated it.

I was trying to help the video expert out and find some actionScript or any information really to help for this final task. I came across a site (actually a blog) that offered a very nice player that could be used to play the video (no reselling requested). Thank you AF Components. Your player is great!
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Tatum Hindman

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Tatum is the president of TBH Creative and is responsible for building long-term client relationships. She enjoys the strategy behind web design and collaborating with clients to define and execute online marketing goals. She likes to blog about hot topics in web design and digital marketing, as well as share tips for strengthening your online presence.

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