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Kayleigh is a web developer at TBH Creative, specializing in front-end development. She likes to blog about a variety of web design topics, including design tips, the latest trends in the industry, and how to make your website more successful.

Improving web forms: 6 tips for getting results

Web forms help users perform all types of actions online: contact, sign-up, order, subscribe, register—the list goes on. What do all of these types of web forms have in common? They need to be filled out. No matter what action you want your users to take, if your web forms aren’t designed to get the […]

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7 tips for website homepages that capture attention

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your website, how do you get them to stay? The best place to start is with the first thing visitors will see – the homepage. A well-designed homepage will capture the attention of your website’s audience and keep them returning to your website as well as link them into the […]

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The pros and cons of hero graphics

Designing a website that will make an impact on its viewers can be tricky. There are lots of ways to capture attention and engage your audience, and choosing the best method for your website can be a challenge. One increasingly popular attention-grabber is the hero graphic. A hero graphic is an introductory-type area of a […]

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Using web analytics to improve your website

So you have analytics set-up for your site – but now what? Consistently evaluating your analytics data will help you to better understand your website’s audience and adjust your marketing strategies and objectives as necessary. Analytics reports provide valuable insight into a website’s strengths and weaknesses, and can help you to pinpoint the areas on […]

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Choosing a color scheme for your website

Colors help give life to a website, and influence the overall feeling it invokes. A well-thought-out color palette can be used to influence the emotions of your viewers and support the message you want your website to portray. This article will help you get started creating your color scheme by providing considerations and tips for […]

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