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Ed writes on the importance of brand design, brand experience, and consumer engagement as business assets. And how creating, sustaining, and leveraging that brand equity advances stakeholder value for any organization.

11 healthcare marketing buzzwords to stop using (and what to say instead)

photo of a healthcare marketing specialist removing buzzwords from a campaign

Buzzwords are not unlike eating too many carbs, they vibrate for a moment but offer little substance over time. That truth applies to all communications and marketing, particularly when it comes to healthcare marketing buzzwords. Like other highly-regulated industries looking to reach general consumer populations, healthcare marketing requires clarity and simplicity. Buzzwords can feel hip, […]

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10 key strategies for customer journey mapping

To create a website that your customers actually enjoy using, you need to spend some time thinking about your users and figuring out how, when, and why they use your site. In this article, you’ll learn how to use customer journey mapping to make a plan and get 10 key planning strategies to consider before […]

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