Using email marketing to promote your website can be a difficult task. Getting subscribers to not only open your emails, but to continue on to your website can feel impossible at times. Don’t worry. It’s not impossible! The following tips can help you fine-tune your email marketing efforts and keep your subscribers visiting your website.

1. Get their attention

Before you can get email subscribers to your website, you have to get them to read your email! Always put extra thought into the subject line and headline of your emails. They should be attention-grabbing, but also give the reader a good idea of what the email content includes.

2. Be consistent with your brand

The design of your emails can be just as important as the content in order to attract attention. Design should be consistent between your website and your emails, as this can help subscribers make a connection with your brand. Carry over elements such as your logo, color scheme, and any other major design features that might fit into your email design.

Pinterest’s email design shows content in the same format as their website.

3. Include a call to action

Incorporate a prominent call to action (CTA) to your website in each email you send out. This CTA could go to your homepage or to a specific area of your website that you want to feature. While you can have multiple CTAs per email, it’s beneficial to use as few as possible so it’s clear what action you want subscribers to take. For example, if the main focus of your email is on an upcoming event, the CTA might be to register for the event.

The Homeboy Industries newsletter includes a prominent “donate” CTA button at the top.

4. Feature interesting content

Get subscribers to consistently visit your website by featuring new and engaging content. Consider including a section in each email that promotes upcoming events, news, specials, blog posts, or other similar content. Provide a short description, and then include a “read more” link that will push them to the website for more information. For inspiration on what type of content you could feature in your emails, check out our post on creative content ideas for email newsletters.

The Vimeo email newsletter promotes new content from the On Demand section of their website each month.

5. Cater to your audience

Make sure your email marketing caters to the same target audience as your website does. If you have a wide audience, consider segmenting your email list, which would allow you to send different versions of your emails to specific audiences. Subscribers will be more likely to click through to your website if the content featured is tailored towards their particular interests. Discovering what content your subscribers best respond to is one of the keys to success with email marketing.

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