Creative content ideas for email newsletters
Email marketing is an important part of an online marketing strategy. Newsletters and announcements are excellent ways to reach out to your audience and keep them engaged and aware of your business. Many organizations struggle to come up with valuable content for a monthly newsletter. That’s why we’ve come up with some creative content ideas for your email newsletters and marketing initiatives.

Go beyond the basics for more creative email newsletters.

Product announcements. Staff bios. Case studies. All examples of solid email marketing content. But if you want a more creative approach, you need to go beyond these basics and consider these creative email newsletter content ideas:

  • Tips & trends. Save your customers some time and read industry journals for them. Highlight important trends and articles that are particularly useful. Keep it short with links for more info.
  • Surveys. Make your newsletter interactive with a survey feature. It encourages engagement and helps you connect with your audience. The surveys could be about something related to your business or something unrelated but fun. Either way – keep them short for the best impact.
  • Go graphic. Don’t just send out an email full of text – think of your newsletter as a magazine… a magazine full of colors, pictures and images. Incorporate your website design for a consistent theme. Spend time on the design of your newsletter for a more appealing (and readable) presentation. See how Logansport Memorial Hospital incorporated creative design in Internet communications beyond their website.
  • Video messages. Instead of writing your message, say it! Including a link to a short (less than 3 minutes) video can be a powerful way to communicate.

Use shorter, announcements to connect between (or instead of) newsletters.

Your newsletter is likely to be, well full of news. It’s expected to be on the content-heavy side. Sometimes however, less is more. When you’re launching a new product, announcing a sale or have a timely reminder for your customers, use your email marketing tools to carry the point home.
Email announcement from Kelly Moore Bag
  • Compelling headlines. Make that compelling and colorful headlines. A well-crafted and designed headline draws the eye and convinces your reader to open your message.
  • Use your whitespace. Don’t fill up the entire email copy. Instead, look for a well-placed illustration or picture in conjunction with that compelling headline to make your point.
  • Strong call to action. Leave your audience wanting more with these shorter communications – and then be sure to give them a way to get more with a direct link to your website.

Don’t forget to plan.

Long or short – even the best content can fall flat if it isn’t what your audience wants when they want it. Before you start brainstorming topics and writing articles, take some time to plan first. Rule #1 for effective email marketing: Know your audience and then look to deliver what they want. 
Illustration credit: BrainRider

Email marketing planning resources

When it comes time to think about your email newsletter, we encourage you to go beyond the newsletter and think of different types of email communications to connect, engage and influence your audience. Email marketing strategy is just one piece of TBH Creative’s Site Success Manager.

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