Though Facebook gets more traffic that Google now, that’s not stopping the innovators at Google from trying to imagine up new services and products to bring back the users they lost and reclaim the title as most used website. One of Google’s strategies is their latest foray into social networking—Google+. You probably noticed the companion component of the website—the Google+ buttonappear as part of Google’s search results at the start of June.

Google+ (aka g+) launched in late June for personal use. The social networking website is still in beta and remains invitation-only. In the past three short weeks, over 20 million users have activated their accounts. To better understand why this quick growth is so impressive, remember that it took Facebook and Twitter nearly three years to reach 20 million users.
G+ may have over 20 million users, but it is still not supporting businesses and organizations who want to make professional profiles. According to G+’s product manager Christian Oestlian:
“With so many qualified candidates expressing intense interest in business profiles, we’ve been thinking hard about how to handle this process. Your enthusiasm obligates us to do more to get businesses involved in Google+ in the right way, and we have to do it faster.

“As a result, we have refocused a few priorities and we expect to have an initial version of businesses profiles up and running for everyone in the next few months. There may be a tiny handful business profiles that will remain in the meantime solely for the purpose of testing how businesses interact with consumers.”
While Google’s team works to create the best possible experience for its business and organization users, they encourage those eager to set-up at the social networking website to do so as a person. Until their consumer profiles feature officially goes live later this year, accounts created that do not tie to a personal account will be removed.