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Happy New Year from all of us at TBH Creative.

Before our work in 2020 gets underway, our team spent some time to review last year’s biggest challenges and successes, including what was most popular on our blog.

Keep read on to learn which 2019 marketing articles resonated the most with marketers.

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TBH Creative’s eight most popular blog posts from 2019

#8  Five ways to keep your website redesign project on track

Project management colorful chart trackerStarting a new website project can be overwhelming. From working companies of all sizes (and with varied digital marketing experience), this blog post includes all of our best tips for keeping your website project on track and launching on time.

#7  How to use modular design to create an efficient & cost-effective website

grid of website layoutsIn this post, learn more about the benefits of modular website design, including how it makes development and maintenance more efficient—even on larger and more complex websites.

#6  Designing a faster, performance-focused website

website speedometer graphYou’ve probably heard the buzz about the importance of site speed and website load time, but what does that mean? And where should you start?

See our tips for making your website fast and user-friendly.

#5  TBH Creative wins three national healthcare marketing awards

Aster Awards trophy and logoIn 2019, we were so excited when three of our projects for clients won prestigious Aster Awards. The awards were for both digital marketing campaigns and website design.

#4  How does social media improve customer service?

social media representation
How is your company using social media to improve your customer service? In this day and age, some Americans would rather talk to customer service representatives using social media than to go into a store or call their offices for help.

While Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can be great channels for sharing important company news and industry insights, they also allow you to interact with your target audiences directly.

#3  Tips for designing a CMS-driven website

website design drawing with layersMany website owners use a content management system, or CMS, to edit and manage their website.

The best CMS for your website project depends, in part, on who plans to use the site, what content needs to be updated (and how often), and the design elements you want to incorporate.

#2  Case study: streamlining loan applications with software UX overhaul

pinning design item to bulletin boardGo behind the scenes of our UX software project for Baker Hill. Their developers created the code and underlying logic, and our creative team wrote copy and designed the front-end layer to make the interface more user-friendly.

#1  2019 healthcare website design must-haves

hospital worder pushing patient in wheelchairThis hospital website design showcase includes inspiration for physician information pages, specialties pages, homepages, and more.

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