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Tips for writing an effective blog post

writing an effective blog
Content marketing. Storytelling. Content strategy. Tailored content. We could toss around buzzwords all day but what it all boils down to is this: more and more people are realizing the importance and value of well-written, relevant content on a website. Good content makes a difference in search engine optimization and it makes a difference in how sticky your website is for your target audience.

One tool that TBH Creative recommends to our clients looking to “up their content game” is blogging. Whoever said blogging is dead was wrong. Blogging has certainly changed, maybe grown up a bit, but one thing’s for sure it’s alive and well.

Web design trends: Animated GIFs and SVGs

Adding movement to your website can help it make it more dynamic and interesting for users. There are a variety of modern techniques for adding movement to your website, from videos to advanced CSS techniques to animated graphics. Animated graphics, in particular, can be an easy and fun way to add a sense of interactivity to your website.

10 HTML best practices for beginners

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) it is important to follow some best practices in order to keep your HTML documents consistent and organized. With so many elements, attributes, properties, values, and more—there is a lot to learn.

Here are 10 HTML best practices to keep in mind when working on your next project.

Website Redesign Case Study: Aircom Manufacturing

Improved sales support through updated website.

Aircom Manufacturing and its subsidiary, Medivative Technologies, knew that their customers and prospects were using the Internet more and more often when researching contract manufacturing partners. “You can hear them typing on the keyboard as soon as you introduce yourself and the company.” noted one of the sales directors in our project kick off meeting.

The employees of both companies agreed, the websites were outdated and did a poor job reflecting their capabilities. Our research into audience personas confirmed what the people at Aircom were experiencing. Their target market overwhelmingly said that Aircom and Medivative could do so much more than was represented on their website. All audience segments wanted to see more about manufacturing capabilities and experience.

Aircom needed more than a simple redesign, they needed a website that could be part of their sales kit. A website that would promote their services and explain their strengths.

10 web design pet peeves to avoid on your site

Every web designer has certain pet peeves that immediately stick out on a website, especially when it comes to bad website design. The most common of these pet peeves center around mistakes that many web developers and designers are guilty of making.

In this article, we'll discuss some of our personal pet peeves and how to avoid them.

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