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Four reasons why blogging should be part of your marketing plan

Is blogging the right marketing tactic for your business? Chances are, the answer is yes. Blogging is a very beneficial tactic for marketing for a few reasons. As an example, for TBH Creative, the purpose of blogging is multi-faceted. Blogging helps to:
  1. Increase search engine rank for important, industry-specific keywords.
  2. Build community authority and activity in social media.
  3. Show personal side of staff and demonstrate expertise in casual setting.
  4. Reference posted information with clients or share information between team members.

Web Design Case Study: Laurel Hall

Services Provided Include:
A new website for Laurel Hall launched in June 2012.

TBH Creative was hired to create a design appropriate for their audience which is mostly females searching for a wedding venue—brides-to-be and mothers-of-the-bride—but also includes corporate managers and other special occasion planners.

Laurel Hall is elegant and historical combined with modern conveniences. The venue is ideal for weddings, corporate retreats, and other events.

Laurel Hall's homepage was designed for impact with a showcase of event photos eliciting elegance, charm, and happiness.
We used a full screen JQuery rotator for compelling photos to fill the width of your browser.

Before The Redesign

Laurel Hall's website before the redesign. It was described by their marketing manager as 'too masculine' and difficult to navigate.
Our goal in redesign was to add softness through subtle graphic techniques and effectively use the photography.
In the navigation, we organized the main choices as the main events, and created simple dropdown menus for one-click choices.
TBH Creative delivered a new design with templates for primary pages. We build and tested the HTML/CSS/JQuery markup for primary pages. We also edited the content, condensing the information into managable and easy to read pages.

We delivered these files to their IT department for implementation into Site Finity CMS. The website pages were populated internally, and the website is managed by their marketing manager today.

About Laurel Hall

A part of Indiana's historical landscape since 1916, Laurel Hall was built as the home to one of Indiana's wealthiest families. Over time it has played host to an all-girls school, a high-end housing development and a non-partisan governmental think tank.

Laurel Hall is a perfect place for weddings with 200 or fewer guests. The historic venue offers a variety of meeting spaces to meet your needs and can accommodate most audio and visual needs. Laurel Hall is designed for people with high standards and discerning taste who are looking to customize their event to fit their individual style. The building's impressive features include a stunning walnut foyer as well as cathedral ceilings and exotic hardwood floors throughout.

Nestled among six acres of woods and gardens, Laurel Hall welcomes your guests to an unforgettable event. Whether an anniversary party, an engagement dinner, a holiday reception, bridal shower or any other celebration of life’s milestones, Laurel Hall is the perfect fit for groups of 10 to 200.

Content strategy best practices

Many people building websites have big problems with their content. It's a nearly universal problem, and it's enormously complicated. Content is hard. Content piles up. Content is messy. People are still learning about it and figuring out what fixes the content problem.

If you're just beginning to learn about content strategy, the best place to start is with the woman leading the charge to make web content better, and Kristina Halvorson is that content cheerleader. She is the industry's top voice for content strategy, and last Tuesday evening Halvorson met with Chicago-area professionals for a fun and informal conversation about content strategy at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. 

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