For many small businesses and start-ups, investing in a major website project with a professional agency may not be in the budget or may not be necessary for the goals of the business. Fortunately, companies in need of a simple website have the option of using a website builder service. These services typically provide access to basic website templates for little to no cost so users can get a website up and running quickly and with minimal experience.

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NOTE: TBH Creative does not offer template website solutions. So, why are we writing this post?! Our goal is to be a quality resource to any company seeking digital marketing help, even companies who are not a good fit for the full scope of our services (for whatever reason – oftentimes budget or timing) and are in need of a simpler solution. Even if one of these website builders is a better fit for your business needs now, we hope you’ll think of us when it’s time for an upgrade, marketing strategy service, and other customized solutions in the future.
It’s important to note that a template website lacks custom solutions and less service – the legwork in general and also the strategy, content, and production work are left to you. In comparison to working with a full-service digital marketing agency like TBH Creative instead, your website will receive a strategic solution that is custom designed and planned by professionals.

With that, if you are here and think a website builder is the right choice for your business, we’ve put together reviews of our four top picks to help get you started.
Example Squarespace website design
Example Squarespace website design –


With basic functionality for websites and the ability to host an online store, Squarespace website designs are trendy and visually appealing. The service includes website and online store templates, a blogging platform, and hosting services. Every template includes responsive or mobile designs that will adjust to desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Pricing: Packages range from $12 – $46 per month

Free Version: No, but they offer a free trial

Pro: If you have access to high-resolution images for your website, you can’t beat the visual designs in template form

Con: Limited number of template designs to choose from

Example WordPress website design
Example WordPress website design –


WordPress templates, called “themes”, range across the board from portfolios to restaurant sites to online stores and everything in between. It is important to note that there are two WordPress services – and – and they operate differently in terms of pricing, theme options, and hosting. Get the full scoop on the differences from WordPress support.

Pricing: Packages range from free to $25 per month; WordPress themes vary in price and require some set up work

Free Version: Yes – both and offer free tools, though requires a hosting subscription to publish a site

Pro: Thousands of plug-in options (like shopping carts and appointment scheduling tools) to choose from, many at little-to-no cost

Con: The more you customize a theme, the less support is offered

Example Wix website design
Example Wix website design –


Wix website templates are drag and drop, meaning no coding knowledge is required. Working within this platform feels a bit like editing in PowerPoint, for example, with movable elements and simple styling changes using on-screen editing tool bars. Many of the themes show colorful designs and trendy font pairings.

Pricing: Packages range from free to $25 per month

Free Version: Yes

Pro: No page limits for websites built on Wix

Con: On the free version of the software, the Wix advertisement overlays are prominent and distract site visitors from your content

Example Weebly website design
Example Weebly Website Design


Weebly is another very user-friendly website builder that can be easily edited and managed without the help of an agency. This platform has a history of touting mobile-friendly designs and templates for users.

Pricing: Packages range from free to $25 per month

Free Version: Yes

Pro: Currently each of the paid packages includes a 1 year domain free, and the drag-and-drop functionality is incredibly easy to learn

Con: Weebly is slow to the plug-in game and just recently started offering 3rd party integrated solutions, so there may still be limitations in that regard

For companies who do not need a customized website or don’t have the resources to hire a full-service digital marketing agency, a template site from the solutions above may be a good solution.

Our sweet spot here at TBH Creative is the complete digital marketing package. We pride ourselves in providing professional web solutions that include services like strategic website design, lead generation focus, customized graphics to match your brand, strategy architecture and content writing, and so much more. When the time comes to invest in a customized, professional solution that will improve your digital footprint and help you reach your goals, contact TBH Creative to get started.

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