CAPTCHAs have become very popular on the Internet lately. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Good thing they shortened it, right? They make it harder for spammers and bots to get through.

Google has a CAPTCHA called reCAPTCHA. Google also determines if an IP address is solving too many CAPTCHAs in a short amount of time, then flags that IP address. ReCAPTCHA is free and accessible to blind users. Great work, Google!

MotionCAPTCHAs are really unique.

Thanks to the advancement of HTML5, users are able to draw shapes in a box instead of squinting and turning their heads to figure out the words. This technique would be difficult for someone who has the shakes, so I think the traditional word CAPTCHAs should be offered as another option for users.

Live CAPTCHA examples:

TBH Creative has included a few customized CAPTCHAs on Hickory Creek Health Care and CIRTA’s websites:

Hickory Creek’s CAPTCHA.
CIRTA’s CAPTCHA for their petition.

There are also several CAPTCHA examples on Lanap Software’s website:

One of Lanap Software’s CAPTCHAs.

I noticed a few weeks ago, Facebook is now using CAPTCHAs. My thoughts? It’s about time! Spammers and bots have been on Facebook since it began. This helps to reduce those viruses and other spam posts you have seen on the social network site.

I don’t think the Internet will ever be 100% safe, but every day we are learning new ways to make it a little more safe and secure!

Does your site need a CAPTCHA present when a user submits a form? TBH Creative can help! We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and specialize in all aspects of web design and graphic design.