TBH Creative was hired to develop an updated web site for Midwest Studios here in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team prepared a design / layout and needed technical assistance to bring the pages to life, as well as online guidance and recommendations.

We developed new code for the site to eliminate their previous table-based HTML mark-up. They are quite an impressive group of model builders and always doing new projects, so we also developed a custom content management application to help easily maintain their projects.

They had a lot of ideas on their own and just needed some technical web site assistance. We stepped in and helped to build the site efficiently and effectively for future growth.

About Midwest Studios (Midwest Model Makers) Midwest Studios creates models for a variety of needs including interactive branded environments, museum exhibits, visitor centers, marketing centers, mobile exhibits, architectural models, computer animations, graphics, and 3D rapid prototypes. Some impressive projects you might know include the U.S. Capital Dome, Lucas Oil Stadium, models for NASA, Duke University Stadium, IUPUI Student Center, Purdue University Discovery Park, and Lifetime Fitness. Pretty impressive, right!?!

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