Hi! My name is Lilian, but you can call me Lilly. I’m the new web and marketing assistant at TBH Creative.

Before I began my journey here, I honed my digital marketing, website production, and graphic design skills while tackling a wide range of freelance projects. My previous experiences also include managing several social media channels and writing for a newspaper and magazine.

Storytelling is my passion

Earlier this year I earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations (with a concentration in media presentation and design, minor in fashion) from Ball State University.

Early on in my college studies, I realized I wanted to have a career where I could help others tell their stories. It didn’t take long for me to discover that there are many ways I could use my creativity to do that beyond just writing.

This revelation led me to study communication best practices in social media, design, and brand strategy, and the lessons I learned from my professors come in handy every day when I help TBH Creative’s clients reach their business goals using their websites and digital marketing.

Areas of expertise

  • Social media marketing
  • Blog writing
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Fashion promotion
  • Visual merchandising
  • Public relations

Fun facts

  • I was born in Phoenix, but grew up in North Vernon, IN
  • I have 13 tattoos with 13 great stories to go along with them
  • I am a coffee fanatic
  • I have a niece and two nephews; they’re my tiny besties and we’re always doing something together
My “tiny besties” in action during our vacation to Tennessee.


When I’m not at work, I’m often letting my adventurous side take control. Some things I enjoy doing in my spare time include: 

  • spending time with my family,
  • exploring state and national parks, 
  • traveling,
  • shopping, and
  • hosting themed “girls’ nights” with my friends.

I also love fashion. I am a big fashionista. You can find me wearing a new pair of shoes, shopping at thrift stores, and trying out the latest beauty products and makeup.

Ball State graduation May 2021
Ball State graduation, May 2021

Professional goals

I love being part of the TBH Creative team, and I’m learning so much from my coworkers and our clients. As I continue to grow my skill set, I’ll share my learnings in future blog posts. Watch for articles about a wide range of topics, social media and content creation to web design and branding.