You have a great website. The calls to action are clear and people are going where you want them to go. Your content is good and people can clearly tell what you have to offer. Your navigation is simple and easy to use. Good for you! You’ve covered the basics. Now – what can you do to make your website MORE successful?

1. Keep it current.

You might have the most beautifully designed website with the clearest navigation but if the words on the page are outdated, you’ve lost your audience. Regularly updated, fresh content is key to getting people to respect the validity of your website and gain repeat visitors. Consider having a section on the home page that you update at least weekly. Look for opportunities to update interior pages with your latest programs, events and other news. If you make a change to your offerings – don’t let a week go by without updating your website. Not sure how to make these changes? You have two basic choices: have an ongoing maintenance agreement with your web developer or look at a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can make updates yourself. Either option is a good investment of your money and time. Don’t let your fabulous website grow cobwebs.

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2. Make it responsive.

How does your website look on a smart phone or tablet? If you don’t know, take a minute and look. Is it easy to read? Easy to use? Does the content fit the screen? If not, it’s time to look at some design modifications. You could opt for a mobile design where the site will appear slightly different to users who visit with a phone or tablet. A more long term solution, however, is responsive design. This option takes your current site design and makes it smart enough to scale to fit any size screen. According to Pew Internet Research, as of May 2013 56% of American adults have a smart phone and 34% of adults own a tablet computer. Those numbers are consistently on the rise, which means your mobile-viewing audience is also. Make sure your site isn’t turning away visitors with smart phones and tablets.

Site at full screen resolution – as seen on laptops or desktops.

Site at smaller resolution – as seen on a smart phone.
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3. Tie it to social media.

By social media we mean Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Pinterest and a host of sites and services that people are using to connect and share information. If you don’t have a presence on those services, it’s time to investigate and see what’s the best fit for your organization and audience. If you do have a presence on those services, it’s time to make sure they are part of a larger Internet strategic plan. Social media is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website – and ultimately your business. You should be promoting your social media on your website while promoting your website on your social media.

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There you have it! Making your website more successful is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Bonus Tip: don’t be afraid to change things up. Monitor your site with analytics – watch where people are clicking and how long they are staying on key pages. You might need to consider a change in navigation. You might need to look at different types of content to drive interest and traffic – videos or email newsletters for example. The important thing to remember is that a website launch is just the beginning of any well-developed Internet Strategic Plan.

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