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How do you find the best web designer for your massive redesign project?

illustration of the computer monitor and tools used by the best web designer when working on a website redesign project

Has your website stopped generating results? Does it break when you try to view pages on a smartphone? Is your content off-brand? Does it look dated? Are you struggling to stand out in a competitive market? No matter the reasons for your redesign, you need to work with the best web designer and development team to ensure your project’s success—especially if you have a complex site.

But, how do you find an experienced partner for such a big task when there are so many web design agencies to choose from? After all, like any other considerable business expense, a website redesign is something that you’ll want to get right.

Top medical website design tips that deliver results ... and happy patients

an agency considers top medical website design tips when planning a new healthcare site

In this article, we reveal our top medical website design tips and explore what that means for your healthcare organization, hospital, or healthcare practice.

Keep reading to see how proper healthcare website design can help drive results and deliver patients.

Looking for the best regional healthcare marketing partner? Here’s what you should know

photo of a local hospital that uses regional healthcare marketing to attract new patients

Nearly 89% of patients (pdf) drive an average of 8.6 miles to see their doctors. These regional healthcare marketing numbers tell us two things:

  1. patients value convenience when deciding which healthcare provider to see
  2. most of them are likely to visit a local provider

Healthcare providers will have the most success marketing their services and treatments to patients who live nearby, but how do you choose a marketing partner who’s clued into your regional healthcare market?

In this guide, we break down the top criteria for selecting a regional healthcare marketing agency that will educate local patients on who you are and how you can help them on their wellness journey.

History of healthcare marketing: insights that reveal how to gain new patients

illustration showing that—unlike other times during the history of healthcare marketing—modern patients use smartphones and other devices to get info on their care

The history of healthcare marketing goes back a long time but some modern strategies can be traced back to the 1970s, when practices, insurance providers, and pharmaceutical products began vying in earnest for market share in this increasingly competitive sector.

Sounds familiar, right?

Today, highly-effective healthcare marketing is a critical component of growing, sustainable, and supportive healthcare organizations. Accordingly, healthcare marketing budgets increased by 15% in 2022 as companies allocated billions of dollars to reach new patients and customers.

Now, industry trends and patient expectations are prompting many practices to rethink their marketing efforts to optimize their outreach to support practice and patient outcomes. Often, these efforts are digitally driven, meeting patients where they are with compelling content and information that promotes growth and engagement.

When it comes to the ever-evolving world of healthcare sales and marketing, there are no universal or proven strategies for sustainable business growth. Instead, providers must remain agile, building awareness that ensures growth and generates revenue.

Keep reading to learn about the history of healthcare marketing and its implications for healthcare providers looking to maximize their impact in 2022 and beyond.

What is a healthcare marketing specialist, and how do you become one?

desk of a healthcare marketing specialist

Are you someone who knows great marketing, leads teams well, and loves a challenge? If so, you may have what it takes to become a healthcare marketing specialist.

Healthcare marketing specialists lead targeted, omnichannel projects to help patients find the care they need. Read on to learn more about what it takes to succeed as a healthcare marketer in today’s exciting industry.

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