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Google page one ranking: 20 shocking reasons your site isn’t at the top

illustration showing google page one ranking

There are a lot of factors that go into Google page one ranking. To help your website show up higher in search engine results, you need to understand the basics of search engine optimization and how Google works so you can do to improve your chances of edging out the competition.

To help you get to the top of SEO rankings, we’ve created a list of 20 common (fixable) problems that might be keeping your web pages from ranking as high as you’d like. Plus, we offer ideas on what you can do to solve each problem.

Keep reading to learn the specifics of how to fix your site’s rankings so you start getting more traffic from the right audience.

New award! TBH Creative’s online marketing services #1 for optimizing conversions

TBH Creative's online marketing services earn #1 ranking in Indiana for optimizing conversion rates

For the fifth year in a row, TBH Creative is pleased to announce that has named us Indiana’s top conversion rate optimization company for our comprehensive, results-driven online marketing services.

What’s is a U.S.-based market research firm that collects and shares feedback to ensure all B2B rankings on its website are accurate, transparent, and fair. All year round, recognizes top-performing service providers that meet their strict methodological evaluation process.

Some ranking factors they carefully consider during the ranking process include each firm’s methodology, ability to deliver, and verified client testimonials.

Content hub strategy: 17 things you must stop doing to start getting better results

a good content hub strategy helps you attract valuable back links

Building a website that features helpful resources is good (and it will help you attract new customers), but running a site with useful assets that are organized using a content hub strategy will give you an even better ROI.

This of it this way: Creating a content hub without a solid strategy is like going on a road trip to somewhere new without a map or GPS. You might eventually get where you’re going, but it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer than it would if you had planned ahead. The same is true for creating a content hub.

Well-planned marketing content creation will not only make it easier to create and maintain your content hub, but it will also help you attract more visitors and improve your search engine optimization, or SEO.

To help you get started with your planning, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you refine your content hub strategy to increase your chances for growth. Keep reading to discover which 17 things you must stop doing to achieve greater gains with your website assets.

Meet Alexia, TBH Creative’s web design intern

Alexia Madison portrait

Hey, y’all. My name is Alexia, and I’m TBH Creative’s summer web design intern.

My love for art has always driven me towards pursuing a creative career, but I’m not sure whether that will mean working in illustration, design, or—as a younger version of myself might say—“fashion design.”

In pursuit of my creative career, I currently attend Indiana Wesleyan University as a BFA in visual communications student, and this fall, I will be returning for my final year. I’m excited to graduate in 2023.

The importance of marketing in healthcare: optimizing for traffic and trust

illustration of how growth is a reason for the importance of marketing in healthcare

Covid-19 has changed the business world forever, making the importance of marketing in healthcare increasingly obvious to medical practices and digital marketers. According to Pew Research, three-in-ten Americans report being online nearly all of the time. Many internet users spend that time searching for health-related information.

Health brands can grow their businesses and help their communities by enhancing their healthcare marketing processes and strategies. Expanding their digital options through website enhancements, social media marketing, search ads, and email allows medical businesses to reach patients who need care.

Marketing is an investment, but the pandemic has taken an economic toll. While it may seem better to slash your marketing budget, we think now is the time to strengthen your digital marketing solutions. If you’re on the fence, keep reading to uncover results-driven proof of the importance of marketing in healthcare.

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