Healthcare mobile marketing: How to make your medical practice mobile-friendly

photo of a patient talking to her healthcare provider using her mobile phone

About 84% of people get health information from the internet, and 37% use health-related apps, according to a 2020 peer-reviewed study. That’s why it’s vital to make your medical practice’s communications mobile-friendly. Developing a healthcare mobile marketing strategy keeps your medical practice within reach of your next patient’s search for care. In 2021, 66% of […]

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How to choose the right healthcare marketing words

illustration of a word bubble with the plus sign in it to represent healthcare marketing words

Nearly 25% of Americans have limited or low health literacy. Medical marketers must choose healthcare marketing words that distill complex information to an audience that doesn’t always understand the terms. Success can lead to better health outcomes, but it requires communications expertise in both marketing and healthcare. Working with an agency adept at healthcare marketing […]

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