Case study: Enhancing the user experience with a redesigned B2B marketing website

desktop view of lushin homepage

Client: Lushin Successful B2B businesses require excellent marketing skills to thrive in the marketplace. If your marketing strategy doesn’t cover the basics, like having an intuitive B2B marketing website, you could be stunting your business’s growth. Lushin, a sales force development company, needed help updating its website design to create general brand uniformity, improve user […]

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Healthcare marketing and branding: why it’s vital in a highly-competitive industry

IHTSC homepage on desktop

Healthcare marketing and branding are very important in a post-pandemic world. Healthcare providers are competing not only with competitors but also with the patient’s last best experience. There’s a greater emphasis on building relationships founded on trust and accountability. If your healthcare organization promises to deliver a certain patient experience, you must be able to […]

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All you need to know to create a healthcare marketing guide

closeup of a doctor with a stethoscope around their neck

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it might be time for you to update your healthcare marketing guide: Are your marketing efforts related to this piece of healthcare marketing collateral failing to deliver the results you expect? Do patients complain about or ignore your guide? Is your social media engagement related […]

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11 healthcare marketing buzzwords to stop using (and what to say instead)

photo of a healthcare marketing specialist removing buzzwords from a campaign

Buzzwords are not unlike eating too many carbs, they vibrate for a moment but offer little substance over time. That truth applies to all communications and marketing, particularly when it comes to healthcare marketing buzzwords. Like other highly-regulated industries looking to reach general consumer populations, healthcare marketing requires clarity and simplicity. Buzzwords can feel hip, […]

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