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3 questions a good navigation system should answer

Web site navigation is unmistakeably one of the most important elements on your web site and will likely influence the success of your site and your user’s experience. According to Web usability expert, Jakob Nielsen, a good navigation system should answer three questions: Use these basic elements to develop an effective navigation system (or correct […]

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How to compress your image files like a graphic artist

Nothing is more annoying to readers than waiting for a 200k graphic to load when it should be only 20k instead. Graphic software can compress files so they take up less room on your disk, and therefore take less time to load into your visitors’ browsers. What is Image Compression? Image compression is minimizing the […]

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A great tip that many web sites fail to do…

Put your contact info (or a link to it) on the top or bottom of every web page. Don’t waste your readers’ time by making them hunt around your site for how to contact you. Make your contact info easy to get to. This seems like an obvious suggestion, but many web sites fail to […]

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2 tips to minimize web site clicking

Put as few clicks between your visitor and your information as possible. The more you force your visitors to click around your web site the more likely they’ll leave and go to another site. A couple tips to help reduce the number of clicks. Contact TBH Creative for more helpful tips on web site usability. […]

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Cubestat, the free website value calculator

Cubestat is a free and perfect tool for website value calculation, estimations and information. How does it work? You simply enter the domain url in the search box (as shown below) and Cubestat’s unique algorithm will calculate and estimate the website worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue of the present domain. Among the estimation […]

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