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16 sites to find free and cheap stock photos

Stock photography is available all over the Internet. As a creative design company, we are continually looking for stock images to add interest to our web designs. Oftentimes, the trick is finding fresh photos so that they don’t appear “stocky” or common while keeping the cost low for our clients. Below are a few sources […]

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Wow! That is so cool. Great web site.

Is that what you want people to say when they visit your web site? An interesting question to consider. Most people would think “yes” at first, however, the wow factor may not be what is needed. Special effects and graphics are great for web designers, photographers, and other creative folk, but for most other types […]

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Tools to help develop (or feed) your creativity!

If you were not born with that natural creative knack and you are searching for ways to feed your creativity, then take a look at these online tools. With the Internet at your fingertips, why not take advantage of these tools for ideas and inspiration? Color Palette Creation If you are inspired by color or […]

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Indiana Health Care Association hires TBH Creative

TBH Creative has recently engaged with the Indiana Health Care Association to manage their web site and online needs. The web site was transferred to TBH Creative today and uses our custom Content Management System. Over the next few months, we will be working with the team at IHCA to increase the site’s effectiveness. The […]

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