Video is visual, it’s immediate and it’s powerfully persuasive tool to communicate your message online. If you have invested in video production for your website, you need it to play and load properly without interruptions.

For hosting video, one of the major video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo are good options.  As long as the hosting servers are optimized for video, any one of the above sites will do.  The important factors are:

File Size
Generally, you can get uninterrupted streaming when the video file is 5 megs per minute or less.  Of course there are a number of other factors involved not the least of which is how functional the visitors Mac or PC is.  I have found that the more junk I have on my Mac desktop, the slower my Mac performs and I think the same thing is true of PCs.

Download speed from the local Internet Service Provider (ISP)
The ISP may be experiencing a lot of video downloads taking up bandwidth or the video sharing site is having the same issue.

The first factor your video editor can control and the second not so much.

Here are some other guidelines:

  1. Design videos that are 2:30 or less in length. Videos that are longer should be broken into smaller videos which is a great way to market. A series has a higher perceived value than a single video. Also, viewers respond much better to a collection of 2 minute videos compared to one 30 minute video.
    • TIP: The optimal length for a video is 1:30 – 2:00 minutes. 
  2. The content needs to be keyword relevant with appropriate KW density as well as well-written and compelling.
  3. Save videos as a .mp4 format. this format gives the best quality to file size ratio
  4. Minimize movement in the video, i.e., fast pans or zooms or animation that changes each frame completely.

A few of our clients have jumped on the video bandwagon and are seeing some great results. Check out their videos:

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Content contributor to this post is Tim McKee of Traffic Geyser: [email protected]