TBH Creative was hired by the Morales Group, Inc. to seamlessly integrate third party software for a robust Job Center to their current web site. TBH Creative assisted with many additional tasks throughout the project to help the company with their online presence including: re-coding the pages to remove the table based code with clean, CSS-driven HTML; reorganizing the navigation structure to allow for second level navigation and one-click pages; and optimizing/compressing the graphics for proper optimization. The new web site launched today — check out the updated site and new functionality via WorldLink Staff Suite at https://www.moralesgroup.net/.

About The Morales Group, Inc A dedicated team of placement specialists, client service representatives and sales professionals from the U.S. and Latin America who understand the highly productive Latino workforce. This allows their team to better integrate, support and place workers ensuring to meet customer’s temporary and permanent staffing needs. Services include:

  • Aprisa Workforce – Contingent labor for light industrial manufacturing and warehouse jobs.
  • Prima Staffing Solutions – Temporary to permanent labor for light industrial jobs.
  • Solosource – Assembly, packaging, and warehouse services.
  • Aprisa Time – Web-based Time and Labor Management system.

TBH Creative can help your organization integrate a robust third party software application. There are many options available for pre-developed solutions, but the integration is important to keep professionalism and seamless experience for end-users as they navigation pages of your web site. Contact TBH Creative to discuss your online project needs.