TBH Creative was hired by Milestone Advisors to launch their new and improved web site. They had their old web site for quite a while and it was set up via a template-based site builder called Homestead. The template site had limitations, and they wanted to take it up a notch.

TBH worked directly with the team, went through many options for a new design, added some interest that was not over-the-top, and improved their messaging.

The new site launched on 10/24/08: https://www.milestoneadvisors.net/

Milestone Advisors provide executive-level services for business owners and entrepreneurs to help them solve complex financial and strategic issues that face their business.

Starting options TBH Creative provided during the web site design process:

A challenge during the project was a new company logo and change in colors 1 week before scheduled launch. Milestone wanted to add some warmth to the palette, so modified their original logo and developed a completely fresh color palette. TBH Creative quickly adjusted the necessary elements in the web design, updates graphics, and made sure the new logo worked well with the new web site.