HootSuite uses their blog to keep users up-to-date when their service is down.

What do the social media teams who work at Papa Johns, the Los Angeles Times, and Facebook have in common? Like me, they rely on HootSuite, a popular client, to help schedule their microblogging and monitor brand-related chatter. When the helpful browser-based tool went down last week because Amazon Web Services‘ cloud crashed, many were left wondering which HootSuite alternatives for managing professional social media needs are worth considering—either as a long term replacement or back-up during outages.

Popular alternatives include:
  • Tweetdeck
    Pros: Works for Macs and Windows users; simple navigation; robust features set
    Cons: You have to install it
  • Seesmic
    Pros: Fast; works in every browser; lots of useful features
    Cons: User interface doesn’t use screen space as efficiently as other tools
  • Twitterrific
    Pros: The latest version includes username auto-completion, easy spam reporting, and an advanced settings page that allows you to choose to not to see @ mentions from strangers
    Cons: Mac only; to add multiple accounts or remove ads from your timeline, you’ll have to pay
  • Brizzly
    Pros: Allows multiple accounts; easy monitor searches; built in “muting”
    Cons: Steeper learning curve than the other tools