Happy New Year from Indianapolis Web Design Company TBH Creative!
Happy New Year from all of us at TBH Creative!

Before this new year started, our team took a moment to reflect and regroup. 2018 was a big year for our Indianapolis marketing company. We expanded our staff, won some awards, grew our services and skills, and helped launch a number of amazing new websites, inbound marketing campaigns, and more.

Most of all, though, I’m so proud of the digital results our clients are seeing based on the work we’ve done together. As a small business owner, nothing is more satisfying than checking analytics and learning how much our behind-the-scenes work helps clients keep their current customers happy while also boosting their sales with new leads.

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

I wrote “behind-the-scenes work” because our clients often only interact with one or two leaders here at TBH Creative during different phases of their project—even though a lot of effort by a lot of different people contributes to the success of any project we tackle.

From Brad giving up his evenings to set up hosting and John customizing WordPress plugins to Rie perfecting high-fidelity layouts and Pat making tweaks to wireframes, I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated crew to have by my side.

Though I am fully aware that TBH Creative is staffed by creative, smart, and friendly problem-solvers who often go the extra mile to deliver exceptional outcomes, some of our clients might not know what makes everyone on our squad so special.

To remedy that situation, here are some Mad Libs-inspired, fill-in-the-blank quotes from our gang to help you get to know all of us a little better.

Kevin, pay-per-click manager

My most embarrassing username was …

PeptoBismol999, and I picked it because a bottle of Pepto-Bismol was sitting next to my computer when I signed up for my first AOL account.”

Sarah, project manager

Project management is a lot like a …

Black Friday shopping because you need a game plan, clear goals and priorities, a strict timeline (Don’t miss those doorbuster deals!), and everyone needs to do the job they signed up for in order to achieve optimal success.”

Kayleigh, web developer

If I could be “Internet famous” for anything, I hope it would be because …

one of the hilarious animated GIFs I enjoy making in my free time goes viral.”

Pat, web designer

Web design is a lot like …

building a car because it can’t just look good on the outside. A website, like a car, needs to work well on the inside, too.”

Glenda, photographer

If any domain in the world was available, I’d choose …

GlendaTheGoodWitch.com to be my personal website address because it’s kind of my thing. (FYI: If you were wondering, it is available, for the low, low price of $795!)”

Catherine, content writer

Content strategy a lot like a …

Long Island Iced Tea. If it’s done well, it looks easy. But, if you try to do it yourself, you realize the recipe is a bit more complicated to pull off than you might expect.”

Holly, graphic designer

My most embarrassing username is …

longdecember79 because I have a thing for the band Counting Crows. I like their song ‘Long December,’ and December 1979 was epic for me—my birth!”

Joy, creative director

My favorite web trend is …

optimization for voice search because it forces all of us to abandon stiff web writing and instead draft copy in a way that’s more engaging, useful, and conversational.”

Brad, vice president of technology

If I could be “Internet famous” for anything, I hope it would be because …

I’ve created fun and effective soccer skills videos that young kids love to do as part of their training.”

John, application developer

Web development is a lot like …

baking a cake because all ingredients play a pivotal function, and when they come together just right you get something incredible.”

Rie, web designer

In 20 years, I think the web will be …

ever more personalized, and just in time, because artificial intelligence will allow instant access with minimal effort and search engines will use thought commands.”

Alex, director of development

A good website has to …

make something difficult feel easy because websites are the human interface into big complex systems. It takes experience, insight, and talent to build a website that doesn’t feel like the piece of software that it actually is.”

Tatum, president/founder

My favorite web trend is …

microanimations because they are discrete, lightweight, and fun. They add so much to a webpage and enhance the personality of your digital brand.”

2018 was a memorable year for many of our clients, and we look forward to helping all of them get even better results in 2019. Whatever the challenge, if you need a partner with expertise in digital marketing, web development, and web design to help you sustain your company’s growth this year and beyond, we’re here and we look forward to helping you find the best solutions.

To all our partners: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your team.

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