With continuous advancements in mobile technology, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to have a mobile website for your business. A standard website may work on different devices but websites not developed to be mobile-friendly may steer customers away. Poor usability on website not formatted for mobile use might display text that’s hard to read or integrate a navigation system that’s a hassle.

CIRTA.us is an example of a user-friendly mobile website we recently re-coded responsively for better mobile presentation.
On the left is their previous desktop site squeezed into a mobile screen–it looked fine but was difficult to read, click, or find information.
On the right is their revised responsive mobile website which offer big buttons and clear options.

Five reasons why now is the time to think mobile:

1. Reach viewers with multiple screen sizes

    Most customers don’t want to have to pinch, zoom, and slide around to view the content of a website. With tablets and phones of all sizes, businesses can improve the usability of their site by creating a mobile version. If viewers find your website easy to use, they are more likely to come back and view it again.

      2. Mobility provides quick access

        When customers are viewing your website on mobile devices, they are most likely looking for a quick answer to something they are trying to figure out. They may want a simple piece of information such as an email address, phone number, or location, and they likely want to find this information in a quick way. A mobile version of your company’s website can help your customers get the information they need without having to search through the whole website.

          3. Influence the traffic of mobile internet users

            Help your business get out there before every business has a mobile friendly website. A mobile website will get more customer traffic on your website because customers will want to stay on your website longer.

              4. Keep up with competitors

                If your competitors have a mobile site, you should get one too. What happens when a customer gets tired of navigating through your website and decides it’s not worth the effort to find what they want? They may choose the next business which could have a convenient mobile version that they can navigate with ease. Protect your business from losing customers by giving them the ability to have easy access to your business benefits.

                  5. Your customers expect it

                    Many people are attached to their phone to the extent that they can’t go a day without it. It is a good idea for your customers to feel like they can have access to your business anytime they want. By providing them with a mobile version of your business website, they can have confidence that your company is there when you need them, even if they’re reaching out on a mobile device.
                      Interested in learning more? Here are some resources to help your business get started: