Finding the SEO Balance

Often people search for their site on Google or Bing and are not satisfied with the results. They want to see their site higher in the search results or they want it to appear for certain search terms. The logical next step is to look at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. What SEO steps should you take? We recommend you carefully consider your SEO actions.

Heavy-handed SEO can make your site rank lower.

You might think that seeding your page with keywords of all sorts is a good step to take. It’s not. Individual pages are rarely relevant for a wide range of topics or keywords. And search engines are smart enough to realize this. In fact, if you have multiple pages created just to tag keywords, search engines will negatively rate your site causing it to rank even lower. They could even remove your site altogether.

The key to effective SEO is relevant, reliable content. 

The changes may seem too small to matter – tweaking the title, rewriting a paragraph or adding accurate meta descriptions – however, these are small changes with big impact. You need to look at the page content, the links you’ve included and your overall site architecture. You need to consider your use of social media and how often you update your content. Taken as a whole these elements all work together to give your site the right balance – and the right search engine results.

Let’s go back to our original question: What SEO steps should you take? 

1. Review search engine tools – they have set up very helpful resources.
2. Learn more about your current traffic. What terms are people using to find your site? What other sites or resources or referring people to your site? These can help you determine where to focus your efforts.

3. Contact TBH Creative. Yes you can do many of these SEO techniques on your own, but if you find yourself overwhelmed with the task – we can help. Learn more about our SEO work.

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