Extend your brand with a Google+ Page
Last week Google got a bit closer toward becoming a truly competitive social network channel for companies, nonprofits, organizations, brands, products, and other entities when it launched Google+ Pages, its answer to Facebook fan pages.

Creating pages is open to all brands now, and we’ve created our profile so that you can add TBH Creative to your web developers circle.

Though TBH Creative has a strategic outreach plan that includes this blog, Facebook, and Twitter, we’re adding a Google+ presence, too. Google has influence and power, attracting over one billion unique visitors every month. Third party tools—like Hootsuite—already have recognized G+’s potential and many have launched useful services to help brands manage their circles, publish to their pages, and monitor usage. Joining Google+ makes sense for our goals, and by grabbing our page now while there is no brand verification we are going to be saved the hassle of dealing with a brand hijacking later on.

Google+ Pages isn’t perfect, though. Currently, only one person can be connected to an account, though multiple admins is a feature that Google has announced is coming. In the meantime, as workarounds, you can create a generic e-mail account from which to create and manage a page or use a third-party application. For more caveats, consider reading the entry that tech guru and super user Robert Scoble posted to his blog.
There’s nothing much to see on our TBH Creative Google+ Page just yet, but through our home on Google+ we plan to directly interact with clients and colleagues and share relevant web trend stories and other development-focused content.

Won’t you join us? Create a page for your business and start connecting with your audience. If you’re looking for guidance, let TBH Creative help you set-up your account and refine your social media strategy to include effective use of Google+ Pages.
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