When it comes to designing modern-looking websites, one of the latest trends is to focus—literally—on the big picture. Tiled texture backgrounds, once a standard for website background imagery, are becoming rare as more and more designers incorporate relevant photography as part of their website interfaces. Faster download speeds and the flexibility provided by cascading style sheets have allowed this technique to thrive.

Here are some examples of sharply executed big picture backgrounds in action:


NASA goes the traditional route and uses a huge photo as a background for its
straight-forward, more traditional based design. Using an outer space image
for the the background extends their brand and adds more pop
to their layout than a simple color or texture.


WeTransfer sets itself apart from the competition, like YouSendIt and SendSpace,
by giving its users a clean, easy-to-use interface on top of a single, full-screen
image-based advertisement.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail, like WeTransfer, uses the background area of its interface for logging into
its mail service to present attention-getting full screen advertisements.


Ford takes advantage of a big picture background image to show-off its line of cars
through an eye-catching poster-like presentation.


MIT displays captivating news photos as the canvas for their interface
directing its visitors to stories and information about the university.


HBO promotes it programming by making stills from the movies and shows
airing on its premium cable channel fullscreen big picture backgrounds.


Coach presents an attractive carousel of product imagery
as background images to promote their products.


TBH Creative is in the process of launching a redesign for Laurel Hall
that integrates a fullscreen big picture motif. Laurel Hall’s elegant new look
will go live online soon. Watch for our announcement.

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