A decade committed to putting our client’s success first

We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in business. Ten years of helping clients bring their concepts alive on the web. We are lucky to get to do what we love and we try to make sure that comes across in all of our relationships. Over the years we’ve learned what we’re best at and we try to focus our efforts on those things that set TBH Creative apart in the sea of web developers.

Three reasons TBH Creative is a great website development partner…

1. We offer creative – not cookie cutter – website solutions.

When you’re looking for a website developer, you owe it to yourself to go beyond the basics. Look for a website developer that doesn’t hand you a cookie cutter solution with the slogan of “been there, done that.” Look for a web design firm that truly listens to you and offers a custom approach to your custom needs. That design firm may not be the one with the biggest wow factor, it might just be the one with the best understanding of your business and goals.

Here at TBH Creative design and code are tools to help you run your business. As Tatum Hindman, President & Founder of TBH Creative notes: “The details of graphics help communicate the message and improve usability. Great design is not flashy or trendy but a visual communication tool.” And we don’t just talk the talk, we have the experience, talent and skill set to back it up. We offer highly creative design, strategic marketing solutions and the latest in technical solutions.

Perhaps one of our clients put it best:
Sean White, Marketing Coordinator for Indy Connect“With TBH you aren’t just getting a web designer, but a partner in developing your brand, image, and key communication tool with your constituents or customers. Additionally, TBH provides exceptional customer service when you need that last minute change or have any kind of issue. I can’t speak highly enough of TBH.”

Sean White
Marketing Coordinator
Indy Connect
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2. We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.

Sounds a little silly and you probably won’t find a company that says they don’t… but you’ve probably experienced a company that doesn’t follow through and it isn’t fun. When we started our business we based it on one key foundation: offering quality service – clearly establishing expectations and meeting or exceeding them. You can count on TBH Creative to be clear, specific, and follow through on small details as well as large objectives. Our deliverables meet project specifications and are fully tested before you launch.
Linda Kortanek, Executive Practice Director“It has been a pleasure working with TBH Creative. They have worked closely with us to give our website a fresh new look with increased functionality. TBH is detailed oriented, conscientious and an excellent listener and communicator. I highly recommend TBH as a trusted web strategist.”

Linda Kortanek
Executive Practice Director
Northpoint Pediatrics

3. Our success is defined by our clients

The most important tool we bring to our first meeting with clients (and every interaction thereafter) is our ears. That’s not a trite statement. We spend a lot of time upfront to understand the ins and outs of every project to make sure we offer the most appropriate solution. We aren’t interested in forcing a predefined set of services on each and every client. We are interested in tailoring our skills to best meet your needs.

At TBH Creative, we see the website launch as just the beginning. As Tatum puts it, “We start talking about success, goals and analytics from the very first meeting, oftentimes even the sales call. And I’m not afraid to call a client or prospect multiple times with questions to clarify. Building a website without measuring for success is a missed opportunity.”

We listen. We develop custom solutions. We work with our clients to meet key goals. When you work with TBH Creative you’ll find that our talents are uniquely focused on you and your needs:
Ron Gifford, CEO“It’s rare to find a vendor with such technical skills, creative talent and customer-facing service. I felt they were trying hard to understand who we are and what would serve us best in the future—and they delivered.”

Ron Gifford
Jump IN for Healthy Kids
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Bonus feature: What makes TBH Creative a company with whom you’ll want to work? The people.
Katie Hennessey, Multimedia Specialist“The strongest benefit to working with TBH Creative is Tatum herself! She has been incredible and unbelievably flexible with us over the years. We truly appreciate the willingness of Tatum and her whole team to evolve with us.”

Katie Hennessey
Multimedia Specialist
Midwest Studios
Nicole Carnahan“The team could not be easier to work with and they seem to always want to help in any way possible which is hard to find. We are honored to work with TBH Creative and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Nicole Carnahan
Megan S. Ott Foundation
Dave Amsler, Co-Owner“They truly are a unique company who employ a number of extremely talented people who genuinely care about my company’s success. In today’s competitive atmosphere, they stand apart.”

Dave Amsler
Kermans Flooring
Do our strengths match up with your needs? TBH Creative has been in business since 2004 and some of our team has been working in the Internet since its very inception. Interested in putting our talents to work for your company? Contact us to get started.