Through its hospital and unified network of clinics, OrthoNebraska serves people in Omaha and its surrounding communities with a wide range of award-winning orthopedic services and treatments.

TBH Creative worked closely with the OrthoNebraska marketing team to plan, design, and develop a user needs-centric healthcare website that is easy to maintain and helps patients:

  • Understand the “magic” of OrthoNebraska’s reputation as a destination for exceptional, personalized orthopedic care (with design and messaging upgrades that support guidelines established as part of their brand identity)
  • Find critical content that they need quickly and easily by reorganizing content and leveraging user experience best practices

The solution—

TBH Creative’s healthcare website design project for OrthoNebraska included:

  • Website strategy, persona research, and goal planning
  • Web audience/persona research
  • Site architecture
  • Web content writing with SEO for top-level pages
  • Modern, responsive web design
  • Web development
  • WordPress content management system theming
  • Custom application development modules
  • Training

Launch date: August 2018


We chatted via email about the redesign project with Bill Citro, OrthoNebraska’s interactive media specialist, and Tatum Hindman, project lead at TBH Creative. Their responses—below—have been condensed and edited.

Why was OrthoNebraska searching for healthcare website design help?

Bill: A few months before we approached TBH Creative, we brought two legacy organizations together as OrthoNebraska. The old brands were very evident in our digital presence, and we needed a more effective way to showcase the breadth and depth of our services to people in need of them, as well as highlight what makes us unique.

What did TBH Creative do to help OrthoNebraska meet its marketing goals?

Bill: TBH Creative showed an honesty and a willingness to challenge our thinking. They made sure we were focused on delivering relevancy and value to our patients while working through the business and stakeholder sensitivities that impact any healthcare website design project.

TBH Creative knows the right questions to ask before they even start a project, and they know what to show clients at key stages. Stakeholders can clearly see the progression and understand how a website comes together, without needing much technical knowledge.

“TBH Creative showed an honesty and a willingness to challenge our thinking.”

What does the OrthoNebraska team think of the finished website?

Bill: Our new website is much faster, easier to use, and more flexible towards future content development than I could have imagined. Most importantly, we’ve received great feedback from doctors and patients.

What helped make this healthcare website design project successful?

Tatum: The OrthoNebraska team trusted our process and our recommendations from the beginning. We had a great collaborative effort throughout the project. OrthoNebraska has a beautiful brand to start with which made the design process a lot of fun. We are really proud of how well the website project turned out from the visuals to the custom functionality.