What’s the key to driving traffic to your website and keeping your crew current with industry trends? Blogging!

At TBH Creative, we don’t just recommend blogging to our clients—blogging is a crucial part of our day-to-day planning. In fact, this very post is our 500th published blog post since we started blogging in 2008.
Celebrating 500 blog posts
We have come a long way in nine years of blogging, and the blogosphere has changed in many ways over the decade. In the post, I will cover three ways our blog adds value for team learning, supports our clients, and helps our business growth (plus, some ways your company could benefit from blogging as well).

1. Through blogging, we learn a lot

If you were to take a peek inside our company handbook, you would find an entire section about the blogging process for TBH Creative. One of the primary reasons our team blogs is because it helps keep all of us up-to-speed with industry standards and trends.

Each one of us at TBH Creative has different interests, talents, and skills in digital marketing. Blogging serves as an outlet to pursue topics and themes that relate to what we are working on and continually add to our collective pool of knowledge—making all of us better at what we do.

Within our blog posts, you will find articles related to content strategy, stories of website project successes, social media management tips, and so much more.

2. We provide added value to our clients with blog posts

We also select blog post topics to maximize value for our readers and clients. We create content that our readers find valuable by paying attention to all of the questions that we hear during client meetings, and we use these informal inquiries to craft relevant blog posts.

Here are some examples:
TBH Creative - Sarah
Each week I hunt down the best possible content for TBH Creative’s weekly email newsletter. I start curating in our blog’s most popular posts and I supplement these links with relevant imagery, helpful statistics, and additional valuable resources. The key is to create a must-read email for our subscribers. —Sarah, Digital Marketing Assistant

3. Our blog helps with search engine optimization (SEO)

One of the biggest benefits to blogging is the high return in search. Our blog articles are ranked as our top landing pages and drive the majority of our new traffic. In more than 12 years of business, we have never had to cold call or force our way into opportunities. I cannot express enough how beneficial blogging has been for lead generation to our business.

If you’re wondering, “What does blogging have to do with improving SEO?” I will let you in on a not-so-little secret: In general, the more often Google comes to your site, the better it is for SEO. Google watches this traffic activity and includes this visitor data in their search engine rankings. The better the quality of your blog post, the more people will link to your content and these highly relevant backlinks will help drive search engine rankings more than anything else.
TBH Creative - Kayleigh
I’ve found that blogging about the topics that are relevant to your audience will naturally boost your SEO. We consistently review analytics to see what’s bringing people to the blog, then we use that data to create posts that we think will further engage our audience. It’s fun to see how that data changes over time! —Kayleigh, Web Developer

BONUS: Our blog helps us connect with our subscribers as individuals.

While relationship building may not be the main purpose of our blogging efforts, it is a wonderful side effect. I remember talking with a client about our blog strategy, and she said, “Oh, you mean those emails Kayleigh sends each week?”

While each of member of the TBH Creative team takes turns writing blog posts, Kayleigh’s topics resonated the most with this client—so much so that she she knew who wrote them by name! In digital marketing, it can be tough to add personal elements to your strategy, but it is a natural benefit of blogging when the authors have unique voices and are easily identifiable by your audience.
TBH Creative - Barb
I often come up with blog ideas after talking with clients about things that are challenging them. I figure that if one client has a question, there are others who haven’t thought to ask it. When I write, it’s not just about project management tips or content marketing trends, it’s also about how we can help people and it’s based on my real-life experiences with our clients. —Barb, Project Manager
When we started blogging we knew it was a valuable tool with a variety of benefits, and that still holds true today. Virtually every industry, brand, or service can benefit from blogging strategically and regularly.

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